Chey said 5 years, 9 months ago:

I had a best friend, my only friend in elementary school. We were really close like REALLY close though I don’t know if you called say we dated. Who really dated in elementary school? We would just kids each other like a peck on the lips here and there like you’d give your mother when you were younger. Her parents had just split, her dad being the only one who showed much love for her and her mom had refused to allow her dad to see her when she won custody. Well her mom is very religious and didn’t approve us when she walked in on us giving each other a good night kiss, nothing big. She forced her to move out of state and i only had the chance to talk to her a few times a month over the phone. She didn’t make many friends because of her attraction to girls. At that time being attracted to the same sex wasnt a way to popularity like it is in my town now. She grew lonely. It eventually became too much for her. I talked to her one night and she was more emotional than usually saying how much i mean to her and how much she cared for me. I didn’t think anything of it. Next morning her mom found her and funny thing is she blamed me for it. Like she had no part in it. She didn’t even tell me. Her dad told me once he found out. Her mom wouldn’t even let me go to the funeral. My gf apparently left a note for me to but even though her dad tried convincing her mom that it belonged to me, she refused that to me as well. Still have no idea what that note said. I haven’t talked to either parent since and I never fully got over it it being 5 years later. I know it’s not all my blame but there could have been more i could have helped with. While she was out depressed for a year I went out and made new friends (i hadnt told anyone about dating her) and staying a new life being happy. I talked to her less and less being the only person she had. Iknow her mom has a lot to blame for this but i could have been a better friend. We joked about me kidnapping her au from her mom and running off together, i just hasn’t realized she wasn’t kidding. I know I’m just ranting. I just haven’t told anyone about this. Not even my own parents. They aren’t as accepting of same sex either, though i know they aren’t as harsh as her mother but still is something i find hard to speak a loud about. They don’t even know that she passed. I feel horrible for it. I miss her like crazy and wish she were here with me now.