Deleted User said 9 years ago:

I’m 22, and still a virgin, anyone else haven’t lost their virginity yet?

Karli said 9 years ago:

I’m still a virgin; haven’t found the right person.

Ms. Jade said 9 years ago:

I’m still a virgin and I’m in my early twenties. I think it is a matter of, I would not want to regret anything I’ve done in that department. I would not want to give someone something that was never meant for them and end up brokenhearted in the process. What would I tell the true person it was meant to be for then? Besides STD’s are too common to play with just to just sleep with someone you THINK you can trust. Also I would like to only be THAT vulnerable with someone who 100% loves/respects me long term.

momo said 9 years ago:

I’m pretty young, but I think virginity is great to have, nothing wrong with it

Tonya. said 9 years ago:

are you absoulutley comfortable with being a virgin?

Jessica LaFountain said 9 years ago:

Being a virgin still is a good thing as long as you want it that way. Waiting for the right person or until you are ready is the best.

BookWormMafer said 9 years ago:

I’m your age and still a virgin as well. I really believe in waiting for the right person

hoop fairy said 9 years ago:

There’s nothing wrong with being a virgin. It doesn’t mean you’re undesirable, or unattractive, or anything like that. Are you choosing to wait, or have you just not found someone to lose it to yet? Either way, don’t let anyone make you feel inferior about it, and definitely don’t lose it to someone you don’t care about. Sex is never that good if it’s with someone you don’t love. And don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.

Sojourner Hope said 9 years ago:

I’m 22 with v card, personally it’s not something to give away to anyone, I’m waiting for my wifey. lol

Nova said 9 years ago:

Almost 18 and still a virgin. Like the others I’m waiting until marriage :)

Rio said 9 years ago:

I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all. I’m still pretty young, so.. still uncomfortable with the idea of losing it, I guess. But it’s pretty damn valuable. Remember, up till… hmm, fifty, sixty years ago, women who weren’t virgins were often considered un-marriable, frankly. Now, that wasn’t the greatest of ideals, but is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of nowadays. There’s a view that /everyone/ needs to have sex, all the time, or something’s wrong with them. Back in the day, when I.. wasn’t actually born, something was wrong with you if you needed to have sex all the time. So, that’s my view.

Mark said 9 years ago:

I’m 20 and also still a virgin, its hard sometimes with all the social pressure. Many people use it as a measurement scale for social skills or ranking as a person. I think it’s only natural to wait for the correct person. The only thing that being a virgin means to me is that I haven’t found the right person yet.

Deleted User said 9 years ago:

thats not completely true, i was never all too much pressured on losing it, but, i felt like a man when i lost my virginity, it was crazy as she was a virgin too, and it was all nervous and awkward, but the feeling when its done atleast for me, i felt like a man, like i entered a different chapter in life, atleast for me it helped that way.
And i didnt go around telling anyone btw, or use it for social skills, but girls could sense i wasnt a virgin anymore ,if you know what i mean, they started seeing me differently.
Just offering a different perspective, im not trying to put any of your views down.

BreDiamond said 9 years ago:


Jenna said 9 years ago:

I’m 21 almost 22 and still a virgin, to put it straight (ironic choice of words as I’m bi) I just never met the right person. I never viewed my virginty as anything special and to be held onto but now I met the right guy i’m glad I waited but it’s an online relationship and he live 3000 miles away so it looks like I’ll be a virgin for a while longer but I don’t mind, not if it’s for him :)