Hannah said 4 years, 2 months ago:

Me and a friend from work (I say friend because we can’t exactly call it anything yet) have been seeing eachother and he is going away for college in 5 days, he will be gone for 8 months with the exception of a week or so during the holidays, if he were to be staying i’m sure we’d be able to have a very fun and happy relationship, how could we make things work for the time he goes away or is it kinda doomed? we’ve spent a lot of time together and will for the next few days but once he’s gone It will be very different.. thoughts appreciated :)

Lyla said 4 years, 2 months ago:

Well how far away is he going and is he even interested in keeping what you have going?? I had the same situation when I was in high school and although it sucked, he was going too far away and it just wasn’t worth it. He kinda also came flat out and said it wouldn’t be worth it. so a couple quick things to take in consideration is how far he is going and what he wants. you definitely should talk to him about it because whatever you decide you want to do also effects him. From what you said, it doesn’t seem like you have been involved for long and it might be best to just let it go and let him experience his first semester of college as a single dude. Unless two people are deeply in love that’s what I always recommend. the first semester, even year, of college is something you’re going to want to experience as a single person and being in a relationship and trying to make a long distance thing work is just going to add stress to his life and he may not have as much fun as he would have. But this really all depends on what he wants. so just have a talk with him =) It can totally work if you really want it to, but if you haven’t been seeing each other for that long just give it a break for a little while, let him do his thing, and see if you two come back to each other.

lilac said 4 years, 2 months ago:

it can definitely work but only if both of you are willing. after all its the feelings that matter regardless of distance! good luck!

Hannah said 4 years, 2 months ago:

about 9 hours away, and we’ve talked and we’re giving it a little while before we put labels on things.