Introvert said 6 years, 9 months ago:

We’ve known each other for 5 years. We were together online for 1 year, broke up, then got back together last May. We’ve met in person multiple times since then and we’ve fallen completely in love.

Now she says she’s lost her spark. We’ve been through tough times — I screwed up a few times (trust issues) and most recently she’s screwed up (emotionally cheating).

We both feel like we’re going to end soon. She’s scared to move up with me once she’s out of school because she’d have to leave her family, even though it will be at least a couple years before she’s out of school. And I assure her we’d visit her family as much as we can but she’s still scared…

We’re completely in love with each other and have talked about having a family and kids together but it seems like none of that matters anymore. She still loves me, but I can still tell she doesn’t “feel” it as much as she used to.

What do I do? What do WE do…?

Jessie said 6 years, 9 months ago:

Long distance relationships can be tricky, for all the reasons you just listed. All you can really do is reassure her you love her. If you can, send her a long love letter in the mail. Make her remember what made her fall in love with you in the first place. But the truth is, long-distance relationships rely 99% on fate. If you two belong together, you will find your way. If not, then this will be a great learning experience for you two.
Also, it is completely understandable for her to be afraid of leaving her home for you. Have you thought about leaving home for her?

Introvert said 6 years, 9 months ago:

I have thought about leaving home for her, but I honestly think it would be better for us if she came up here. I’m financially secure currently and it would be risky for me to move down there. All she’d risk is not getting accepted into a college right away.

If she moves to me:
- She lives with me
- She goes to college here
- I provide for us financially, knowing my job pays enough for both of us
- She have to leave her family

If I move to her:
- I have to find a place to live there
- I quit my job
- I have to try to find a job there
- I attempt to provide for us financially, hoping my new job pays enough for both of us
- I have to leave my family

It just feels like we both want to be together and we want “us” to work out, but her losing her spark is just making things so difficult…

Introvert said 6 years, 8 months ago:

Well, we broke up… No point in keeping this topic alive, I guess…