Auspexel said 6 years ago:

Thank you for looking the case up.
I finally managed to learn how to listen to people. I got a girl’s attention. She likes me, we talk every now and then. But there is an issue.
I usually STOP at this point because I fear the friends know about me, because I can’t handle her playing hard to get, and so I start overthinking and fearing.
I feel like I can get past this but… she doesn’t banter with me anymore. I talk, I touch, but she doesn’t answer the courtship back.

What to do to regain control AND confidence? Two weeks since I started this fear. It needs to end. We deserve to love eachother beyond stupid and hurtful games. I want to stop this sh it.

An Incredible Machine said 6 years ago:

This is actually pretty similar to what I’m dealing with right now, except I’m the girl worrying if I’ve screwed it up with this guy. Like, I kinda feel bad if this is what the guy I’m talking to is feeling right now.

Honestly, I would ask her if she wants this to evolve in to anything further. I’ve had similar fears with a guy I’m interested in. He started to like me, I started to like him back, and I absolutely panicked and kinda went off the grid for a bit. People on here (& a couple friends in real life, the ones I’ve managed to talk to about him) have told me it would be in my best interest just to ask him basically what we are, if he wants us to be a thing or not. Just, I guess bring it up casually. What helped me is I got on the chat here & basically had the person on the other end listen to what I wanted to say to him, and tell me how they would react if someone told them that. Of course I haven’t seen him much since planning this out, but I do feel a lot more confident (though still naturally nervous… this conversation could potentially happen in 2 days) since talking it out on chat.

I hope this helps or at least was easy to follow… I’m not great with relationship advice as it’s a new topic in my life, but hey, maybe it will help. :)

Humble Beef Sandwich said 6 years ago:

The key is self love friend. If you love yourself, you allow others to love you. You start to exude love, confidence, light, happiness, fun from you, which attracts lovers and friends. The more you believe in yourself and love who you are, the easier it will be to find the right one. Most people go around looking for a partner they think will be right for them becuase that type of partner works for someone they know or saw. This is a common mistake. You must find the one that truly likes being around you and truly like you for you. That is where true happiness lives. Good luck in your mischief! Be safe and take care