Junels said 6 years ago:

Hi guys!

So the situation is pretty simple. I’ve been living with a guy for a little more than a year and I got a major crush on him. Actually, I think I really fell in love with him.

I was adviced to just tell him that but I really feel like I should “prepare” by flirting with him but I’m not too sure of how to do it.

I know these stuff of longer eye contact, touching him more often… But… I don’t know. I don’t know if he’ll actually see it if I just give him small hints like that. Any suggestions ?

rinseandrep said 6 years ago:

This is directed at queer people but you might get some ideas, specifically the parts about doing it while comfortable:


Being stuck in a house with someone else doesn’t sound like a comfortable place, possibly for neither of you two, I suggest considering finding another place to live so you can tell him how you feel and then take your leave if things don’t go well.

Humble Beef Sandwich said 6 years ago:

If this doesn’t go to plan, you’re living situation will be in jeopardy. At least the comfort-ability of living there will be. I get nervous when people say they’ve falling in love with someone that they aren’t in a relationship with, much less with a person who you don’t even know likes you back. I would see how he feels for sure, but I would hope for the best and prepare for the worst. You dont want to go getting yourself hurt, or ruining the friendship you have. On the other hand, no one ever fell in love without risking getting hurt, so perhaps try some subtle flirting at first to gage his reaction. Subtle skin contact always works, eye contact, touching, complementing, noticing little things about the other person.. best of luck! :)