AGuyNamedDanny said 7 years, 11 months ago:

Why do we run away from our fears
Away from our own past dreams and tears
Afraid of our previous mistakes
Never wanting to bring up the past
No matter whatever it takes
We will try to make our present last

Trying to make the world and time delay
Wanting to live through the moment
But we have become yesterday’s prey
When tomorrow became the opponent
Watching our ending-days become years
Desiring that our past hope reappears

Why do we tend to tear people apart
Making them feel less than from the start
When we hide our hurt and imperfections
Leaving their hearts cold and bare
When we hide from our false reflections
Filling their lives with endless despair

As we fade into our lies of delight
Fade from our shameful, broken dreams
And hide away from tomorrow’s sight
Because nothing is what it seems
Down the road, we will want a restart
With a new dream and a new heart

Why do we look at our past and have grief
On wrongdoings and actions that were brief
We will try to mend our victim’s pain
When we realize our stupid mistakes
From our ways, we have received no gain
But an empty joy that always breaks

We try to have them get up once more
Hoping they will forgive and forget
And that their hopes and dreams restore
Ceasing actions we will soon regret
Even though we have our own disbelief
That to be forgiven would be our relief

Deleted User said 7 years, 11 months ago:

There is a lot going on here. Certain lines hit me square in the head but I’m having trouble finding the unifying message. Can you explain a little? This is very lyrical. I hear it before I read it.