Judith said 5 years, 9 months ago:

I sometimes come up with melodies and suitable lyrics for them and even a videoclip, but a have no idea of music theory, can’t play any instrument and neither can’t sing, so all my ideas vanish or are only kept in my mind and it feels a little frustrating, but I’m too lazy to learn to compose. How do you end up with your lazyness and low energy feeling?

EthanHunter said 5 years, 9 months ago:

Hi Judith. I am int he same boat as I have no musical training save for a few keyboard classes. I’ve however been able to fiddle around and create tunes. I wish I kept up classes because I can’t use my two hands.

I do create melodies. Like my own stuff, listen out, but yeah I don’t know how to do video clips and all of that. I usually just play them to reflect a mood I am in.

The feeling of laziness and low energy, perhaps it comes with frustration. Like when you’re trying to learn a tune, but you can’t get it because you’ve had no formal training etc. I think the key is to believe and keep going strong.