DinoRaptor101 said 7 years, 10 months ago:

That is the very same experience I had during my childhood, I want to share this here and see what guys and girls have to say about this, the following a comment on CDC’s biased recommendation of mutilating boys and convincing parents and teenagers to do so.

I was a victim of ‘Routine-Infant-Circumcision’ when I was a newborn. I’ve suffered many negative consequences due to it. I didn’t get any of these purported benefits that are claimed by others. But, I got many of the documented downfalls. Even though my mutilation may look like a success to the so called doctors. It doesn’t feel like it. ‘Circumcision’ is damage to the penis. Just as cutting off one’s nose, ears, nails, eyelids, toes are damage to the body.

Being mutilated doesn’t make it easier to clean. In fact it does the opposite. Rubbing it feels like abuse to my body. How can one expect one to enjoy touching their penis or have sex with someone else when at an early age they are attacked & mutilated by so called doctors. I would of rather of been aborted than be attacked as a newborn.

When I first considered whether or not I was mutilated I was a still a young boy and was being holding my penis while I was waiting to be done peeing I spontaneously started to think about how my penis looked & why it looked the way it did & what logic was behind it. Especially the dark brown line on my penis & the peduliar patch of skin above it & the wrinkly head that looks like an old man wore out human. It looked as if it may have been warn out or maybe severely damaged. it didn’t make any sense to me how it looked. It then occurred to me that either an accident happened to my penis that may have resulted in it getting messed up or my parents allowed or ordered someone else to attack & mutilate my penis for their own preferences or the preferences of others for aesthetic reasons.

I also had night terrors due to that newborn mutilation that was perpetrated onto me against my will. if I relax there are times deep seated fear & terror that I consciously don’t know where it came from at the time may spring forth. It’s not fun. Eventually I learned that I was definitely attacked by the doctor as an infant by that so called medical procedure called ‘RIC’. So, that deep seated fear & terror finally makes sense now. It also seems to have magnified little negative experiences into bigger ones. And why my memory has & attention span has been quite bad & fickle most of my life. Severe traumas can affect one’s ability to remember things. When I was younger in school I recall me trying to concentrate on things even with headphones on & couldn’t I kept on focusing on others around me when it wasn’t my intention to. I learned now that it could be because subconsciously I’m afraid of others & my surrounding environment due to that needless surprise attack that the so called doctors called a surgery when I was a newborn. To a baby they haven’t formed those opinions yet of someone carving parts of their body off without their consent as a surgery. They see it for what it is, an attack & mutilation. If you prick a newborn with a pin, the likely hood of them being afraid of you & others is more likely now. Since, now they are taught to fear. Now, strap them down & carve pieces of them out & that fear increases through the roof.

Anyways, it’s needless violence to attack a child with a so called surgery that’s not immediately necessary. Many non-human animals have a prepuce (foreskin or clitoral hood) & they seem to do just fine without part of their bodies being amputated off. What make humans the exception to evolution? I want a version of my body that is whole & fully developed that wasn’t attacked needlessly as a newborn. I’m not fond of being stuck in someone else’s body. The moment they carved into me needlessly as a newborn this body ceased to be mine. They turned me into a sac of flesh that’s not my own. They may as well of thrown me in the garbage can. I was rejected for being born an individual. I was taught that I don’t matter by that mutilation. It taught me that I shouldn’t of been born. That I was I was born in a country that respected the well-being of a child to have their own body & not be branded as others property by that so called attack others may call a surgery. Just, because a so called surgery is legal. Doesn’t make it right.

Every child should have a protector to make sure no one treats them like property. If you treat a child as an individual than you are a ‘caretaker’. If you treat a child as property then you are either an ‘owner’ or ‘bully’. A child is a being to be taken care of & nourished with love & kindness as soon as they are born are long after that. They shouldn’t be un-welcomed into this world by needless violence & maiming. They are people.

There are many parts of the body that some people may be able to survive without, if they survive the needless maiming that is. One may possibly survive a needless amputation of one’s eyebrows, lips, teeth, tongue, nose, eye lids, nails, toes, ball sac, ovaries, ear lobes, tits, etc. If they could somehow survive without these parts it still doesn’t mean that they should be forced to do so without their consent.

Reference: http://www.regulations.gov/#!documentDetail;D=CDC-2014-0012-3192