Anonymous said 6 years, 7 months ago:

Ill get right to the point here.
I have seen many boys,teen,men over the years who have not been curcumsised and then had to be.
If you are a nurse,you will also see what it truly can be like when males do not look after their penis’s properly.Even very young boys can get irritation through no fault of their own,not just because of parents not cleaning correctly,or teaching them,but at times get other small irriations,like a small lump under the skin,or if they get chicken box and a sore is on their penis etc,it starts to rub and then they can have issues.
Lets face it!No matter how much you teach your boys how to look after themselfs,we all know young boys or teens that at times go through a stage when they dont go and shower.They refuse to and perhaps pretend to be doing so,by running the shower while they are in the bath room.
All of this can lead up to having the skin removed any ways,and its far worse going through it rather than as babies.
My friend had 3 boys when she was pregnant with her last child and 2 of the boys had to be done.One was only 4 years old,the other was 12.Its was really bad seeing the pain they went though,and it wasnt just until the first time they went to the bath room neither.It was ages and their stay in hopspital was a few days.
Carol(my friend back then)had another baby boy,and decided to curcumcise him as a baby,and never had any of the issues she did with the others.
Again!ive seen this many times,and the parents wish for their childs sake they did something about it earlier.
Not all males will have problems,but it greater than you think!

DepressedEternal said 6 years, 7 months ago:

@Anonymous Ok well, that’s your opinion, I am not going to agree with you. It doesn’t make sense to say they later “had” to be circumcised. “Had.” According to whom? If someone has enough chronic headaches, does that mean they eventually “have” to be decapitated? If a body part keeps causing problems, your only solution is to just amputate it? Moronic. Sexist. You are making generalizations about boys. It’s the usual misandristic rhetoric, almost the idea of punishment for not living up to your primitive, 19th/20th-century standards of ‘cleanliness.’ I’m too upset by your many *ramshackily superimposed layers* of offensive ignorance to really even rationally dispute them, to be perfectly honest!

DepressedEternal said 6 years, 7 months ago:

@DinoRaptor101 Well I certainly agree, anything is better than suicide! We each have our own preferred ways of coping, right? Living for tomorrow is mine. Hope and determination my dear friend, hope and determination. I believe I will have a real foreskin again, and that thought brings me some small measure of joy.

DinoRaptor101 said 6 years, 7 months ago:

@2anonymous Hello Sir/Ma’am.

I’m a very deep medical researcher into the issue and I always had a very serious approach to foreskin, just because it was called “skin” was merely a mistake.

Because it’s a body tissue full of organs and you never cut of a hand because you suspect a person can break a finger.

Many of the cases you see are very easily treatable but doctors and I refer to “Lazy doctors and pro circumcision greedy hypocrites”.

Always push for the amputation idea at every possible moment. treating it as a “appendix”

I urge you to understand that all the boys with sores and chicken pox could have been treated like normal human beings and instead were routed to mutilation by the uninformed doctor.

I have studied endless cases during my 10 years in this field. and I assure you I know much more about male genital anatomy than more than %80 of urologists world wide.

Understand that foreskin amputation has devastating psychological effects on ALL males, even those who do not feel such effects having it being accepted as a social standard.. they do have sub conscious tendencies to extreme rage, emotional stress, and sexual depression, not to mention long term physical side effects such as increased chances of contradicting STDs especially HIV and Herpes. since foreskin amputation also amputates anti-bacterial glands as well as lymph nods and over 40000 nerve cells ( NOT to be confused with the other 20000 erogenous receptor cells ).

This isn’t an argument to discuss as both Depressedeternal and myself are one of the few HEAVILY damaged victims. although we had birth circumcision our lives will never be normal.

sohailkhatri said 1 year, 3 months ago:

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