Lilium said 7 years, 8 months ago:

Its stresses me out being sick like this. I dont know what to do after an episode to make me feel better about it…I am 20, I have two brain tumors, they make it impossible for my body to control its own temperature sometimes and my brain can start boiling, meaning I hallucinate, my hearing and vision fade in and out, and my words get jumbled by the time they reach my mouth. How do I help myself get over an episode and then help my partner get over it?

Satellite//Heart♡ said 7 years, 8 months ago:

I’m so sorry to hear you suffer with this that must be so hard :(
I guess the only thing you can do is your best hun, if you are on treatments stick to them, keep up with the things that help your body, look after yourself and make sure you rest lots. Surround yourself with supportive and loving people and allow yourself to get upset and angry and spend some time grieving I think it can be a little cleansing.
I’m sure your partner loves you and only wants to help in anyway they can, it must be hard for them to watch you suffer so maybe just remind them how much their support and just them being there for you makes a huge difference for you.
I hope that you have a supportive medical team too that help you with what you need, just hang in there hun and don’t give up. I think you’re doing amazing :) xo