kaitlyn said 6 years, 3 months ago:

what are your thoughts and feelings toward Atheists? Just curious, being an Atheist.
PS don’t be all nice cause I’m Atheist and you don’t want to hurt my feelings. You won’t

Deleted User said 6 years, 3 months ago:

well my whole family has been roman catholic for generations, except me and my sister,” you are just confused, and you will find jesus one day, he will always love you”, we are going to hell apparently according to some;p

kaitlyn said 6 years, 3 months ago:

I probably will go to hell, if there is one, which I don’t believe. I mean, why would this all loving god send someone to internal pain in suffering? It doesn’t make sense to me. But yeah, it’s funny how people who are supposed to love everyone would tell someone they’re going to “hell” just ’cause of what they believe in. It make me laugh for some deranged reason. :D

Vivid Melody said 6 years, 3 months ago:

I have nothing against them. The militant ones can be annoying but same goes for militant religious people. I don’t think things are so black and white. Everyone is different. I believe God is love and it’s not my place to judge. It’s just about love. Only God can judge each of our hearts. I think God is more pleased with a loving atheist/agnostic person than a cold “Christian.” Just my two cents.

Amethyst Heart said 6 years, 3 months ago:

I disagree with atheist and it’s as simple as that. I don’t hate them, or feel any kind of hostility towards them. But I disagree with their personal beliefs, because I believe in a God and they obviously don’t.

What ticks me off is when atheist aggressively attack Christians and their beliefs. For some of them, it’s like their personal mission to destroy Christianity. And I get that you don’t agree with my Christian lifestyle, but honestly, why should you care what I what to do and believe?

Christian’s try to convert others to Christianity because we believe it is the truth, and the truth will set you free. We believe that person’s soul is at stake, and we want them to realize God’s love for them and His forgiveness before it’s too late. But why do atheist try to convert others to atheism? I really don’t know.

Over-all, I disagree with atheist, but I honestly show them love like any other person. It is when they show me hate that I struggle to love them. (Although God will continue to love them and pursue them and I know in my heart I should too.)

kaitlyn said 6 years, 2 months ago:

you guys on here are nice

nicer rabbit said 6 years, 2 months ago:

Well. I don’t suppose that I can tell you anything about heaven or hell because I’m pretty sure everyone has only heard about them or had not lived to find it and survive. See i believe in God and the philosophy that he passed down to certain people that allows us to live righteously as(in my religion) Jesus or as any other who teaches “the way”. Basically god is the creator and I believe that he also crated individual thought. I mean if he didn’t then sin wouldn’t have existed and interpretations of the bible or any other religious preservations that exsist wouldn’t have either. Open-mindedly speaking, most people love to rely on others to show them “the way” and others believe that they can find “the way” on their own. Atheist may not be liked because they do not follow what others have believed in but I know for a fact that if you watch them closely they basically follow the same universal principals of all religions in their everyday life just like anyone else. they may not read the bible or follow the beliefs, but in my belief god is in all of us. In athiesm i consider it like this. the world can have a dominant religion, but even if people don’t believe that there is a god, we as human beings have learned from each other, influenced and lived by each other, and that’s what i think my god would want. If you look at a kind person and have believed that they were of a certain religion and then you wouldn’t have figured that they didn’t, then you can’t say weather they will go to your heaven or hell. they have followed the good way or the bad way, but either way they have lived through universal principals as any other with a religion. Religion helps people find something they sought after but could just never find on their own. Atheist just believe in a different story. I believe that god is within us all equally, but in the same sense anyone can believe that they, themselves have a different calling, something that told them that this is what will make me happy in life. Life is to live happily until our time comes to find out the real truth, but as long as you have lived the way you wanted to live, to be comforted,and to find your own path.even though there may be a hell, life was a blessing.

Siddharth Raj said 6 years, 2 months ago:

I am an atheist but at the same time I respect all religions and the people who follow it. Just like other members who mentioned this, I despise the aggressive believers/ non-believers. Sometimes it’s funny, but mostly it is frustrating to go through youtube comments, etc. Poeple have asked, “Aren’t you afraid of eternal damnation?” suggesting that they were genuinely surprised to find a confident and self-professing atheist.

I visit churches, temples, mosques, gurudwaras, monasteries, jain temples, etc. and I find peace there.

I believe in not hurting (causing any negative feeling) others. Live and let live. That’s the motto.

Ladynell4god said 6 years, 1 month ago:

Hi Kaitlyn: being an atheist in the world of God is like being affected with a deadly infection that is so contagious that all with it are being destroyed because of it. When we watch zombie movies, in it the characters that are zombies are bitten by an affected person who are causing affections to be upon that person or anyone bitten by them. Everyone who are not affected are running for their lives trying to keep their distance and stay away because the bad zombies are coming to get them. Ok, so i understand the most of the reason why atheists doesn’t believe in God is because they can’t see him. The second reason to my understanding is because many can’t understand why a loving God can bring forth harm upon an innocent human being especially a child. Well in the zombie movie when a family member is bitten, much as they love that family member they know if they allow the member to live, eventually the member will destroy everyone if it’s not destroy. God loves all mankind regardless of what we do right or wrong. He never said he didn’t love someone who doesn’t believe in him, he hate the sins and wrong they do, he hates they don’t believe in his son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. So if you take the 2 immortal gods (God and Satan) and understand the fight between them, we know according to the word of God-Satan already has been defeated. His job is to win over as many souls as he can to be destroyed with him because he’s angry with God and wants to hurt his heart. Destroying God’s creation of mankind is the only way Satan can hurt God’s heart, because God loves his creation. I know this sounds crazy, but when we start looking at things outside of our judgment, then God can open up our eyes and hearts to his plans for our lives. It was never intended for us to know right from wrong: but that old devil played a stinky trick on God’s creation messing with our minds. That is what happen in today’s world. There are many people who don’t fully tell the truth of God’s word. They express and interpret it to fit their likes and understanding instead of allowing God’s understanding to come in. Anyway to answer your question, my feeling of any non-Christian believer is to love them with all my heart, body, spirit, mind, and soul. Doesn’t mean I agree to your beliefs, but I won’t stand to judge you because of it. I will love you unconditionally to the best of my ability just as God does. He doesn’t see things the way we see them. He doesn’t love the way we love. That is why he is God all by himself. I know, how do you know God really exist? Why will he bring such pain to people. I see it this way: before a deadly infection got out, who was the cause of it? man! God is not the reason why pain and suffering filled the earth, it was mankind because of our disobedience. If my child decide to steal out of a store knowing i have taught them it was wrong to do but they couldn’t control their temptation and they got caught: their consequence behind their wrong doing is not God’s or nobody else, its their own. Many times we bring destructions upon our selves that can cause pains to last a life time upon our families for generations to come, simply because of our wrong doing. It’s not God, he loves us all and want us to do better and have the best. Mankind is what greedy: and because of disobience, it causes God to step back and allow destruction to come because we push him back and allow Satan to come in instead who have no love, or care for mankind. He’s just in a war with God and wants to destroy as many of God’s creations as he can (mankind). As far as how I know there is an existing God: look at how we are wonderfully made. No really, look at how we are made, how our organs works together, how our minds are deeper than a computer. We never stop learning unlike the computer which memory fills up. Mankind created the computer, God created the mind. There are things on this earth we know man couldn’t have done: there was an author behind it other and greater than mankind. To leave with this thought: i know you hear of people talking about how the world will end one day. No one knows when, but there are many signs in the world now that is going on that predicts the end of the world. Things that cause you to wonder if its true. I would rather live life according to the bible God’s word and be empty at the end if it’s not true, than to not live according to God’s word then found out in the end it was all true. Think about your children and their children. I won’t force my belief of God upon you, but I will encourage you to think about the future. I love you, may your days be filled with greatness. You are awesome for wanting to know: something inside of you is pulling you to question the belief of God. God be with you….

Caprielle said 6 years, 1 month ago:

To be honest, I can’t blame atheists why they have become like that or why they don’t believe in God. Atheism is their choice of what they want to believe in. Atheists are totally fine with me unless they would hurt other people based on their beliefs, race, etc..

NoblePebble said 6 years, 1 month ago:

I have nothing against Atheist. It is not very hard to see why some people are one. There are times where my faith is challenged by watching an Atheist talking about the Bible.

Maybe if it wasn’t for them my strength in Christianity would not grow. They force me to reevaluate my concept of faith. They force me to see the Bible for what it is. I am not perturbed by the fact that the creation story is off if viewed under the filter of science. The stories even have killings that I sometimes wonder about.

What gets me off is when an Atheist or anyone for that matter label us as lunatics, brainwashed, diluted or ignorance just because we are able to commit to something they cannot understand.

We commit to our parents despite the fact that they don’t always make sense. We say we love our parents despite their negative traits. So why should loving God be any different.

Atheist are not people we should scoff at or be scared of. You will be amazed by wisdom that comes from them. Even wisdom that some of our pastors are unable to enlighten us on.

TheMatter said 6 years, 1 month ago:

So some people are saying that it’s odd that an all loving god could send someone to hell. There’s this thing in religious studies that basically says that god can’t be all loving, all powerful and all knowing at the same time. He can only be two at once. The idea is that if he’s all powerful and all loving and all knowing he would stop evil, but if he’s not all loving he wouldn’t feel a need to, if he’s not all knowing he may be ignorant of it, and if he’s not all powerful he may be unable to stop it.

I wrote a paradox myself that proves that he can’t be all powerful if he exists as Christianity, Mormonism or Catholicism depicts, that basically involves a man who god tells the future, who then acts on his free will to avoid that future successfully. A good example is choosing to walk out of a door when god knew and truthfully stated that you would walk out of another one. He can’t be wrong because he’s all knowing, and he can’t be lying because he’s all loving. Therefore if he exists he can’t communicate, or at least not in such a way that may cause paradoxes.

But anyways, I just stumbled across this thread, I’ll be on my way now.