shartjec said 6 years, 5 months ago:

What’s your story? Tell me.

My mother is bipolar, depressed, and suicidal. She had an internet addiction and was admitted at the mental hospital with psychoses two times. Because of her depression she didn’t take good care of us. I had to do a lot on my own. She told me everything was my fault. If she attempted suicide, it would be my fault, ’cause I was driving her crazy. I was a bad child and couldn’t do anything right.
She was mad at me all the time. At that time I couldn’t love her, I was fulled with hatred.

The two times she was admitted to the psychiatric hospital, I was scared. She didn’t seem the same mom anymore. She went crazy. At that time I realized she was ill.

Now she’s doing great. I still think a lot about those shitty times. It is still hard to realize that I never had the love I needed as a child. I still think everything’s my fault very often, but I’m feeling a lot more loved right now.

Please let me hear your story. I want to help you. You’re not alone in this!

lilly said 6 years, 5 months ago:

My mom is bipolar. Living with her can be really hard sometimes. I often feel scared to ask her something in fear she might snap. One second she’ll be happy the next shes exploding. My friends love her and sometimes I wish they could see her crazy side just so they wont look at me funny when I come to school crying because of her. I love her and all but life is very hectic around my house o.o

shartjec said 6 years, 5 months ago:

It’s hard to live with a bipolar person, isn’t it?
My mom is soooo impulsive. She doesn’t seems to get it that some words can hurt you so bad.
She’s the type of person who always says it’s someone else’s fault (most of the time mine fault).

It’s hard when your friends think she’s a lovely mom. I surely thinks she is inside, but bipolar persons really go out of boundaries sometimes.

do you have any brothers and sisters? How do they get along with it?