Deleted User said 9 years, 2 months ago:

I have not been at home for 9 months and going there in 4 weeks now. Do you thing my cats could forget who I am and not recognize me? I definitely imagine them being shy at first.
I am just curious about your thoughts on this topic.
How long do you thing it cat take for cat to forget its human?

Amanda said 9 years, 2 months ago:

They will definitely remember you. Every time I visit my mom or dad, even if it had been a really long time, my childhood cats always remember(ed) me. The bond of love is strong! I don’t think cats, or dogs, ever forget someone who was special to them.

Mellow Mallow said 9 years ago:

I was away from my home for 4 and a half months and I had the same worry. When I came home, all three of my cats were very happy to see me. One of them was a bit shy because she’s always shy and my little brother was too animated so she ran off and I broke down and cried a bit, but she came around quickly after that for love.

Man Of Wisdom said 8 years, 10 months ago:

There was a documentary I watched a few years back about 2 men who raised a lion from a cub. When he started becoming sexually agressive they had to donate him to a wild animal reserve.
They went back about 18 months later. All their friends said don’t be too upset if he doesn’t recognise you.
Well they went into the preserve and a lion came charging them. That’s right it was their lion. You would think the lion was a cub: he was jumping on them, licking them, rubing against them. You see, cats don’t recognize by voice or sight…they recognize by scent.

AnotherLoonyOnThePath said 8 years, 9 months ago:

“Will my cat remember me?” Are you kidding? A cats memory is better than a human. Some believe cat are not intelligent. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The reason cat are difficult if not impossible to train is that cats are too intelligent. Why would they subjugate and berate themselves to taking commands from a lower form of life. If I leave me cat for a prolonged period of time. Upon my return I get severe attitude. He won’t let me touch him. Hell get close and then stare. Then the howling starts. My cat is part Siamese and if you’ve ever been around one you know how piercing and annoying it can be. Once he feels I’ve suffered enough, he forgives me and resumes he rightful place as chief of the household.

Jillybean131 said 8 years ago:

I recently read an article about cats and whether or not they miss their owners. They don’t tend to experience anxiety when their owners are away, like dogs do. But, even though they don’t tackle you when you walk through the front door doesn’t mean your kitty doesn’t love and remember you. No matter how long you are separated, I feel kitties remember.