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Stating my mind, I apologize!:)
A bit graphic, so if you are weak, just go to depression/ girl talk thread or some shit!

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Aiiite, I need to vent this shit out, infact I need to scream it.

Alrite bros, lets be real, we all have these bros, who act like real bros, always hang and shit, whatever, but, deep down you know you cant trust them.

Me personally, I have 5 real bros, out of like god knows how many fake bros.

So, you might wonder how do you know a bro is real?

Is it trust? Respect? Whether he loans you money? He is your oldest buddy? Is he someone you can vent to??

Well, tbh, a real bro has all these qualities anyways, but, these are not enough, if hes using you, be socially or just coz your the man. Fake bros, do all of the above, except one key thing!!

What do I think it is?

Let me expound on that, see a fake bro, will always put his bitch before you. Not in a way, a husband puts his wife before you, thats totally understandable. But, he will always put his bitch for you.
These kind of bros, dont trust you around their women, for its always been as their insecure, they are scared they might be attracted to me. Hence, they dont trust me.
The amount of guys, I have lost respect for coz they are submissive to some bitch is insane!
Like, he will disrespect for his fuck toy, why will a person do that, coz he doesnt trust you!!

How do you know if a guy is submissive/fake bro?

He will put sex before you. Me personally, I cant trust any dude, who claims to be a real bro, who does that. That bro is weak, if all it takes is a pussy to change him, then what good is he in the long run.

Real bros will discuss their bitches, have no fear of you stealing them, coz they trust you, and you will respect that trust! That is honestly, the main factor for me.

May I go as far as saying, this is the only key determining factor, that comes to my mind, when it comes to being real or fake.

I know I have a lot of fakes bros, but, I have real bros. I am letting my fakes go away, maybe they might wake up, they might not, I dont give a fuck, a fake bro makes you weak.

A real bro is a source of strength!!

If a bro, changes his behaviour towards you just coz of a bitch, be his gf or some friend, Ill save ye some time, and say it now, ditch the tool, its gonna happen anyways, and find some fucking real bros!!
These fake bros might even act differently around bitches, and different around guys. They are not players, they dont even understand the fucking game, they are the submissive fucks, the nice guys, the tools that get cheated on!!

I just ranted this, coz I just removed someone who I thought was a real bro from my life, maybe I wanted to believe it, but, you know in your mind, when you have lost respect for him, das it mane!!
Like I can understand, there are times where your chick comes before other shit, but, we all know about the other kind of shit, lets not deny it!!

Atleast, he thought me an important lesson, made me value my real bros more.

Bros before hoes for life, except for the wife!

Bros are your close buddies, not friends or acquaintances!

If you want to add to topic, if you think the same, pls do, if you dont think the same just pls stfu;p