Alancer said 7 years, 8 months ago:

Okay, I’m a 5″2, 132 pound girl looking to lose weight. Recently I started doing an intensive workout for 20 minutes everyday to lose weight, thing is I don’t think its enough. So can anyone point me to a workout routine which is effective? I prefer workouts to be shorter timed because my schedule is really packed with school, homework and tuition classes.
My diet is fine because I recently loss 6 pounds thanks to it. Yay! But if anyone can give me some helpful tips to help me lose weight I would really appreciate it.
And before anyone tells me that you’re fine, your weight is fine. You look great, or curvy or cuddly, or anything of that sort, thanks for the compliments but that’s not exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t want to look into the mirror everyday and remind myself that I look okay. Because I know I can do better than that. I want to look at myself in the mirror and think, wow, she’s hot! Or you look great! I want to think that of myself. I don’t want others looking at me and seeing a chubby girl with “curves”. So please help?

Rain said 7 years, 8 months ago:

I know exactly what you mean. I’m on a diet as well because I want the same thing. What’s your goal weight? As it comes to exercises, rope skipping is a very good one. Also running up and down on stairs or zumba. Jumping jacks also help. Jogging is also a good workout. Jogging isn’t so intense, because you run slowly, but it’s better in the long run. Drink lots of water and also green tea is good for you. If you would like more help, I’m always willing to help. I only hope that your goal weight is within healthy limits.

OptimisticFaerie said 7 years, 8 months ago:

I lost over 10 pounds just by doing crunchies and step ups! also dancing such as Zumba, DDR and Just Dance games if you’re into that. I did about 40 crunches every night and eventually I could do up to 150 without stopping that much– its just patience. I wish you luck on your journey (=

doversyamne said 7 years, 7 months ago:

Main thing is to keep up a healthy diet, small frequent meals, low carbs, etc.
The most important thing when looking to lose weight is to remember to have break days. Set out at least one day where you aren’t doing anything intense and can rest that day.
Another important thing would be cardio. Losing weight, toning, or staying fit is very difficult with just strength workouts.
Along with the workout you are doing now, you might want to dance, run, ride your bike, walk (speed walking), etc.
Doing cardio will help your entire body break down fat and helps to keep your muscles working and your blood pumping.
Last thing to keep in mind is to get a lot of rest. 8-10 hours is needed in young adults. When you have a lot of rest your metabolism is doing a better job at processing the food and not storing it as a fatty tissue.
Remember, appearance isn’t anything. Don’t look at the number on the scale but whats looking back in the mirror. If you’re happy with the way your body is, that’s all that matters.
Keep your head up, having negative thoughts or being cruel to your body will not help you achieve your goals.
Stay lovely.
Good luck! :)

Dave said 7 years, 7 months ago:

And bear in mind that your body is the result of billions of years of evolution, all designed to make you efficient. So exercise, while very healthy, is not your best weapon in trying to lose weight. Reduce your caloric intake — it’s much more about what you eat than what you do.

Valeska said 7 years, 7 months ago:

Hey there, firstly I want to say that you seem to have a decent weight, but regardless of that, we will see what we can do.

You said you require a short and compact work out trend, so I would recommend if you are doing that, that we will make use of more days in the week. The key in all exercise is variation. In addition to my work outs, I do other activity like swimming, dancing etc. The key is to be constantly active. Changing however is key, because I do all these things and I am only maintaining now, because I haven’t changed mys chedule much.

First and foremost, I recommend walking/running to everybody. If you must do something, it is that. Try to incorporate it at least 5 times a week. That should be your main work out. I think 15-30 minutes is an ideal walking time. After 6 weeks, rotate your walking pace. Go a bit faster. Every 6 weeks vary it a bit, even expand if you must.

Activity is important, so maybe you can dance? Turn on the music channel and just move to the music. If you have to head to the store and it isn’t too far, replace driving with walking.

One thing that I love the most is Squat thrusts. Those are an intense work out, and I read somewhere 8 of those are equal to 15 minutes on the treadmill. They are very hard, so break into them easily. These are just extra stuff though. You can do them three times a week, and other stuff like crunches etc.

In addition to all of that, I recommend dieting. I think your weigh tis fine, so, you don’t need to diet heavily. Maybe, just a bit of light eating in the night. Like cereal. But hey, during the weekends, feel free to enjoy what you can. I usually eat cereal 3 times a week. I eat healthy stuff the other two days, but on weekends I give myself some liberty. :)

I think though, walking and monitoring your food intake is all you might require.