Experience, Strength, and Hope said 3 years ago:

I’d rather know how much time the other person has so that I can spend the rest of *their life making them happy. I have a fear of death and I’d rather just live in denial of my own.

Would you rather be forced to drink room temperature coffee for the rest of your life, or never have caffeine again, in any form.

DemonInMyMirror said 3 years ago:

Room temperature! Room temperature! Absolutely no thinking required to answer that for me.
Would you rather meet your favourite band/celebrity and have them die or have to live with the person you hate for the rest of your life?

luxurious-grasshopper said 3 years ago:

Rather meet a favorite band or celebrity, probably.

Would you rather die by falling from a great height onto the ground or be sliced into pieces by large helicopter wings?

SJayJay said 3 years ago:

Falling from a great height definitely bc its the quicker way

Would you rather be underwater or flying above the clouds?

Modest Butter said 3 years ago:

Id choose flying because it has less risk than being underwater

Would you rather live in a world of religion or in a world of science and innovation

Dj Tilly said 3 years ago:

religion, Hopefully more people would focus on helping each other and not create something to blow us off the face of the earth.

Would you rather eat 50 Twinkies or a gallon of mayo?

Deleted User said 3 years ago:

50 Twinkies !
Would you rather Eat McDonald’s evey day for a month or eat seven meals a day like the rock (I.e Dwayne Johnson) ?

Modest Butter said 3 years ago:

i’d rather go with the rock’s seven meals a day

would you rather have the power to punch people through the interent, or have the ability to put jumpscares into any computer of your choosing

The Curious One said 3 years ago:

definitely jumpscares, seems less harmful and more entertaining.

Would you rather visit another planet and discover an entire race of aliens or. be free to travel all over our planet.

DemonInMyMirror said 3 years ago:

Travel our planet definitely. If humans do ever travel to another planet, all we’re ever going to do is mess it up in the same way that we do to our planet everyday. No wonder aliens dont want to visit us.
Would you rather go to a concert of your favourite band or have a 10 minute meet and greet with them?

Aerith said 3 years ago:

Have a 10-minute meet and greet. I feel like getting to know them a bit up-close and personal would really be irreplaceable: meeting eye-to-eye and knowing a bit about what is going through their brains. Just hope I wouldn’t be too nervous to ask questions! =]

Would you rather live only until you are age 25 with a completely happy but short life, or live until you reach 85 but live a long existence filled with much hardships/heartache?

cynicalgravy said 3 years ago:

25 with completely and happy short life

Would you rather draw or fold origami?

Mia said 2 years, 12 months ago:

Fold Origami, I’m good at that haha

Would you rather be an artist or a jock?

cynicalgravy said 2 years, 12 months ago:

An artist

Would you rather run or swim a marathon?

Mia said 2 years, 11 months ago:

Swim, I’ve been swimming since I was 3.

Would you rather be a color or a sound?