Keiralee said 9 years ago:

Classic game. Two options, one dilemma– which would you rather?

(Rules for anyone who hasn’t played:
p1: Would you rather be stranded on a desert island with a tv or with a library?
p2: Library, I don’t think islands get my channels. Would you rather ______?)

I’ll start it off!

Would you rather be deaf or blind?

Deleted User said 9 years ago:

blind, cause i really love listening to music and also playing it

would you rather marrying a rich person that you dont like or a poor person that you really love

TurtleGirl20 said 9 years ago:

I would rather marry someone who was poor that I truly love. No reason living your life sad, or with the person you really don’t love just because he has money. My favorite movie is Titanic, and Rose chooses Jack, Jack is pretty poor but she doesn’t care. I don’t care about finances, or looks, or anything of that nature. The only thing I care about is him loving me, and being true to me.

Would you rather….. be underdressed, or overdressed for the rest of your life?

Keiralee said 9 years ago:

Overdressed– go big or go home!

Would you rather that you had to move to a different part of the world every year, or that you were never allowed to visit anywhere else?

TurtleGirl20 said 9 years ago:

OMG’SH totally move to a different part of the world every year. Traveling is my passion, unfortunately due to finances I never get to go anywhere. I don’t have any friends as it is anyways, but two online, so why shouldn’t I go. Hahahaha

Would you rather be able to talk to every animal in the world, and heal them when they were hurting. Or be able to cure any human being physically and emotionally. To either cure any animal issue, or any human issue.

Keiralee said 9 years ago:

Human issue, I think. It would be more gratifying.

Would you rather be forced to sing everything you said or not to say anything at all?

Deleted User said 9 years ago:

sing everything I say,I couldn’t be quiet even if I tried :P
Would you rather be the richest or the smartest person in the world?

Keiralee said 9 years ago:

Smartest! I could make money that way. (:

Would you rather know everything about everyone you met, or have everyone you met know everything about you?

Deleted User said 9 years ago:

I’d rather everyone I met know everything about me. It wouldn’t be much fun knowing everyone inside out, plus I’d never have to explain why I did something they’d just click it without a lengthy explanation from myself, making my life, and theirs, a lot easier.

Would you rather remember everything vividly that had happened in your past good and bad or remember nothing bar the essentials?

AndiElizabeth said 9 years ago:

Remember everything vividly of the past, good and bad.

Would you rather throw up on your really hot date or have your really nerdy one throw up on you?

Anonymous Helper said 9 years ago:

Have a nerdy one throw up on me. I’ll understand, if ever.

Would you rather have your lover (if none, your crush) for eternity with you or your best friend?

Deleted User said 9 years ago:

Easy. My best friend

Would you rather go to the past and meet your ancestor or to the future and meet you great grandchildren?

AndiElizabeth said 9 years ago:

Past. I never got to see them like that, and probs never will. But if I’m dead before my great grandchildren, I can at least watch them from Heaven, or possibly Heck.

Would you rather have a life supply of ice cream or potato chips.

Jessica said 9 years ago:

Definitely ice cream. :)

Would you rather become a famous poet or a fiction writer?

CMacAttack said 9 years ago:

Famous fiction writer for sure!

Would you rather be rich and disliked by everyone or poor and loved?