Deleted User said 9 years ago:

@crusader1025 i think more or less accurate,, ill give it a 71.25%

Deleted User said 9 years ago:

@crusader1025 my analysis of thou
- You seem like a loner, like you havent found your TRUE people yet.
- You think life is about surviving??
- You have trust issues, maybe coz you dont trust yourself yet.
- Your too concentrated on the past and present, too have any real ambition
- Your avatar is a pokemon, so, im guessing games take quite a bit of your free time.
- You seemed too deal with situations in a calm manner.
- You can think in different perspectives, but, I am not sure how open are you to the ones you dont understand.
- You seem like a chilled guy, but I think your itching for an adventure/risk, instead of just figuring shit out

Well thats my shot, i tried to stay at the mental analysis level, obv this was a quickie, so dont take any of this to heart, i might be way off;p

Exia said 9 years ago:

@limitless 37.5% (3/8). You had a few perfect hits, and some total misses. The few things you did get right though were very accurate.

89% (8/9)! That seems to be the high score so far. You got all of the minor points right. As for the main part of it, one of the three scenarios you presented was completely right. The other two were about half right. All in all, a very good analysis.

Whoever is next in the thread is welcome to continue trying to analyze me, or whoever else. Otherwise, you can simply request to be analyzed in your comment and we will just start the chain over from there.

Atlas said 9 years ago:

Anyone care to analyze me? Good luck >_<

Sunny said 9 years ago:

* You are much conserned about what other people thing about you
* You don’t like injustice
* You don’t like being lied and lying at all
*You are very honest or at least try to be
* You think some people are being bad with others without any reason
* You seem to be very happy but in fact you’re hinding your true emotions deep in side your self and you show them only when people don’t know that you are the one sayig things (like in anonymous forums)

Loren said 9 years ago:

*You enjoy fantasy
*You base things off empirical evidence (own experience)
*You find truth in humor
(Sorry, not an uber cool analysis)

Deleted User said 9 years ago:

@crusader1025 well i tried, its hard to understand a charmaleon, when it hasnt evolved into a charizard;p

me like this game thou, if some could analyze only solely what they think is my negatives, id be grateful!!

Sunny said 9 years ago:

@ Loren
Actually you were right about everything :D :D

Loren said 9 years ago:

@Sunny, Awesome possum lemon blossom! (:

Deleted User said 9 years ago:

Me! Please do it, but good luck, I have so much activity on my page. People also often view me so differently, because my personality has so many different sides.

The Author said 8 years, 12 months ago:


You’re on this site to learn about yourself and how people tick almost as much as you are here to help others. You do enjoy helping people, of course, but you view it on some level as an experiment.

You don’t believe things without proof, but you keep an open mind, which means that while you are not convinced by the idea of some sort of deity, you have not dismissed it out of hand. Despite your tendency to reflect on things that other people say or do, you tend to ultimately stand by what you believe to be right, even if others around you disagree.

And finally, at some point in this analysis, I said something that was way off the mark, and you were distracted from reading for a moment as your mind wandered onto what might have made me think that.

Well, I have no idea how close or far that was from the mark, but I’d be interested to see someone have a go at analysing me too.

The Curious One said 8 years, 12 months ago:


You listen much more often than you vent, you are an aspiring writer(and are shy to actually show people what you have written/ don’t always writing exactly what you mean), interested in history, cooking (to some degree), and animals, especially wild ones.

You are interested in helping people and often thing about what would be best for a group. You came to this site don’t only to help others but to also learn yourself better. You like to make people laugh and ease tension. You value your friends and try to help them.

You have a pretty decent handle on your life as it is now. You are a proud cricketer and currently single (but happy like that).

Oh yeah, and your a 17 year old male (who seems like a pretty cool dude if you ask me)

It was a lot of fun to stalk someone like this, awesome fourm idea.

The Author said 8 years, 12 months ago:


Not too far off, to be fair. Broadly accurate with a few near-misses.

Deleted User said 8 years, 12 months ago:

Well yes, that’s a pretty good view of me, you just lacked the fun part. ;b
The place where you made me think, was when you used the word “tick”, because I’ve never seen that word before. Though, my mind often just wanders off, I am told. @theauthor

Swifting said 8 years, 11 months ago:

@theclearmind you are young but very mature for your age. You get easily frustrated by individuals who appear to waste your time. Anger isn’t your best quality but you’re certainly taking the time and putting in the effort to resolve your issues. Also, you’re kind of a girly girl with ambitions and wanderlust. You have many ideals, dreams, and hopes – do not ever let those leave you.