Munchi said 1 year, 5 months ago:

I always though that if a teacher started talking about religion or creationism in school, I would have the courage and conviction to stand up to him.

But it happened, and I almost didn’t realize. Because everyone loved, or at least respected this teacher. He also had more power over me since he was also my coach.

I did try to express my opposition to him teaching intelligent design, but with so many other students agreeing with him, I found myself doubting my ability to explain my ideas.

He later got fired for his continual religiously motivated lectures, but only because some parent complained to the principal about him.

I just couldn’t see him as a bad person and it honestly seemed as if any harm he did was minimal. Arguing or opposing him would have only made me look bad.

What would you guys have done in that situation?

Pain Whisperer said 1 year, 5 months ago:

All religions should be respected everywhere and none of them should be favoured over the other. So even using biased words such as good, great, or best is wrong to do. There is a certain time and place for these teachings and its certainly not in the classroom during school hours. Religion is something you start to think more about and fully understand when you are middle aged in your 20s. You have a lot more to learn and understand in your upcoming years. Take care buddy!

rinseandrep said 1 year, 5 months ago:

@munchigum Well, you are a minor I assume, and a student, so it’s okay for you to not have stood up on your own to fight this battle, seems like the best course of action happened by itself, people tell the adults and the adults try to work it out, and luckily it worked. :)