spaceman said 7 years, 11 months ago:

Here is the very first book of my very first series, “The Series Of Mystery Case”. Please comment below if you liked it and have any suggestions for future books.

One day, three kids named Jack, Jill and All went to the new factory that just opened up in Weirdville. They saw lots of cool toys. 5 minutes before closing, everyone started to go home, except Jack, Jill and All. Everything was acting all weird. All of the toys were coming to life! They ran out the store and talked. “What do you guys think is going on here”? asked Jack. “We don’t know”. Jill and All answered all together. “Maybe we should work together and fine some clues to help solve this mystery.” All suggested. So, they all went back inside the toy store and started looking around for clues. Jill found a note with a message that was written for Jack, Jill and All. It was almost like someone knew this would happen and Jack, Jill and All would be the only ones left in the store to solve the mystery. The note said:

Hello Jack, Jill and All. I am not telling you my name but I will give you a hint of where a clue is to help solve this crazy mystery. Go to the Lego section of the stored open one of the airplane lego box. Inside you will see another piece of paper. Good luck.

The kids all went to the lego section, but they saw all different airplane legos. How will they know which one? All 3 of them opened every single one until they found the note. Once they found the right box with the note but it was not a clue. All the note said was, “Try the rest on your own.” The kids split up to see what was going on. Ten minutes later, All was looking around and all the toys came to life once again. She looked behind the toys and found a remote. Maybe someone was controlling it and ran off. All went back and told the others. After she told them her theory, they saw a shadow in the corner. The kids went over there and met a weird figure. He was a criminal that broke out of jail almost 10 years ago. The criminal told his story on why he was in the toy store haunting Jack, Jill and All.

“10 years ago, I broke out of jail because this store used to be where my house was. They arrested me because I did not pay anything for my house. But once I heard they knocked down my house to build the new factory, thats when I plotted my revenge. I was hiding out there all day planning my revenge, until you guys would not leave. So I thought you three would be the first ones to haunt so that no kid will ever come here again, and that they would have to close down this store forever so that I could buy it once again and rebuild my house.”

Jack replied, “Well I am so sorry about all of this but I am afraid I will have to call the police. “I understand.” the man said. The police came and took the criminal back to jail. The kids were talking how much fun they had today. They all loved solving this mystery and wants to do it more often. So, thats when they decided to call themselves Mystery Case and now they can’t wait until their next mission.