Deleted User said 8 years, 3 months ago:

Hi Everyone !
My names R.L and I’m on Wattpad :) . I’m really looking for someone trustworthy and has good writing skill/style that I can collab with on there. Doesn’t matter the gender really . Hoping for maybe an editor as well. If you want to know more you can pm me with the following info:
3.Do u have a Wattpad account ?
3.Any experience with editing or collab work ?
4.What’s your writing style like?
5. Genre of choice ?

Deleted User said 8 years, 3 months ago:

Sorry the numbers are
1. 2. 3. The second 3 is supposed to be a 4.
The 4 is 5. The 5 at the end is supposed to be a 6 . Hope that makes sense /.

childoftheOneTrueKing said 8 years, 1 month ago:

My name is Kelsey, I’m 18, I have a wattpad account (my name on there is fairytail10123)
I don’t have much experience with editing, or collab work. But I’ve always wanted to do some collab (I run out of ideas when I work alone) and I’ve done a little bit of editing, mainly grammar, spelling and wording, and if needed expounding a bit and adding details.

Check out my story on wattpad and you will see my writing style (title is Dark Days)

and I can write pretty much anything but science fiction (even though I am currently working on some scifi work at the moment)

kwit said 8 years ago:

my name is Karyn I am 14 I have a wattpad account called kwdion I do not have any experience in collaborating but I have wanted to for a while. I have a lot of experience with editing though. My genre is teen fiction, romance, some fan fic but I’ve kinda lost interest, and a bit of bullying? If thats a genre. my writing style is very descriptive, and I don’t write smut, a little gore in my earlier stories but thats about it. I might be able to write differently if I have seen the style a lot or have read a lot of the genre thats pretty much how I am with my writing at this point I have a little of my own and a little of all of the authors I’ve read.

iwishicouldchange said 8 years ago:

Hi my name is Gabrielle, I’m 14, I have a wattpad account and book. I have some experience with editing and my friend and I are working on a collab book. My genre is romantic/ depression. My genre of choice is probably romance / adventure/ fanfic.