Kitty Cat said 9 years, 5 months ago:

I have an older family member a few years older than me, and she doesn’t seem like she appreciates me although I’m always constantly there when she’s sobbing or has a problem. She never cares to listen to my problems, in fact she puts me down and takes it out on me whenever she angry. I put her before mostly everything but she never really seems to care about for my happiness most of the time. But as long as she’s happy, it’s all that matters .. Right?

matthoughton said 9 years, 4 months ago:

No. If you’re unhappy then that isn’t all that matters. YOU matter. No matter what anybody else says, All right?

Valeska said 9 years, 4 months ago:

No Kitty Cat, that is not justifiable at all.

Sometimes, family members tend to employ narcissitic personalities, and view others as extension of themselves. You exist only to serve them, to make them feel better. You have to deal with it else it will only fuel her attitude towards you. You need to put a stand to it. Show her that you are not going to stand for her ill treatment. Do not help her as much as you do. Whenever she puts you down, tell her straight up that you dislike her attitude and walk away. Be mad at her. Let her apologise. Do not listen to her problems as much, and generally shut her off until she gets the hint and realises the error in her ways!

Yuki said 8 years ago:

Well obviously not. You should be selfish sometimes and put her in her place though its understandable how youre acting. You want/like to be needed right? Thats good to an extent. Once she starts affecting your health (like NOW) you need to put your foot down