KindKnight said 7 years, 3 months ago:

Anybody who has read a manga by this author, please join the discussion!
Feel free to ask, answer, or start a topic relating to the works of Junji Ito.

Charlie_112 said 6 years, 5 months ago:

I’ve been searching so long to find fellow fans of Ito’s work! I LOVED Hellstar Remina and Uzumaki.

Lunna said 6 years, 4 months ago:

I love this author so much! My first read was the enigma of amigara fault, and sinse then I couldn’t stop reading his work. Uzumaki is one of my favourites

miniMothra said 6 years ago:

“Itou Junji no Neko Nikki: Yon & Mu” (aka “Junji Itou’s Cat Diary”) made me laugh till my stomach hurt! He makes the silliest things look so terrifying. Also, I referenced “Tomie” a lot when I wanted to draw something dark, scary, or gross. His textures and lighting are so grotesque.