Evergreen said 8 years, 7 months ago:

So many people do not know or do not fully understand the difference between Atheism and Agnosticism. This should help people understand the difference as well as help people understand what an Agnostic is. This is quite lengthy you may just want to skip to the part you’re interested in.

Firstly, I’m going to talk about Atheism. An Atheist should be individual who has considered all the evidence of science and religion before making the overall decision that the concept of god/a higher power does not exist. Unfortunately, many atheists have barely any knowledge on religion or even that of science they simply decide that god doesn’t exist because there is no “evidence” little do they know that religious texts serve as evidence yet they refuse to acknowledge this. Also many people just follow what some top-shot scientist says and decides that they must be right because they look like they know what they’re talking about, no… In order for someone to truly call themselves an atheist they should have considered and carefully revised all knowledge/evidence of scientific theories and religion. Atheists believe that god/a higher power does not exist and they dismiss religion.

Now we move onto Agnosticism. An Agnostic is someone who either has or has not considered all evidence of science and religion, yet they believe that it’s impossible/difficult to decide whether god/a higher power exists or not. Many Agnostics choose not to believe in god/a higher power which is perfectly fine, however, they are open minded and realize that they may be incorrect. Many Agnostics also choose to believe that is some form of high power/god yet they are unsure what it is/if it truly does exist. So an Agnostic is basically someone who is open minded about the concepts of religion as well as science who has not yet come to an overall decision, yet may tend to sway towards either science or religion.

I hope this has enabled you to understand what an Atheist is and what an Agnostic is and the difference between the two. :)

Millie-meter said 7 years, 2 months ago:

I am agnostic and I personally define or understand this stand on faith as the indifference to the existence of a God or a Higher Power. At least for me, or in my own stand, I think of Agnosticism as being human enough to question and wonder the root/beginning of things and try to consider the scientific or logical explanations of this. And then if maybe say, science can’t explain it, then maybe we either have to study harder or believe that there actually is a God. Either way, my stand would be that if there is, in fact, a God, I did try to be as humane as I can to everyone I know without depending on this God. And His existence would be well and good, so there’s a God, yay Higher Power who knows what’s good and what’s right. But that doesn’t give us the right to say rely all of our actions and the aftereffect thereof on Him. And if there actually isn’t any God, then well and good, cause I did try to be humane still and as much as there may not be this whole Majestic Being who knows all and is everywhere and etc, I did not depend on Him.

I have this entire belief of the so-called “predestined path” or “God’s plan” that actually says God doesn’t control your choices. This “predestined path” per se, is a list/series of pathways leading from one thing to another. Like say a tree’s branch and etc. If there is God and He did have a plan, He did not control you or made you do these choices and etc. Your God placed you at the beginning and your own choices would lead you around the place/maze. Your own choices of turns that would lead to somewhere else, and your own choice to either stick with it or go back or stay and give up and etc. Because the thought of “God’s plan” which is usually said to be God’s entire lay-out of how your life would be is actually opposing the concept of “free will”.

I would like to keep explaining my thoughts on Agnosticism but this is getting too long. So I leave this right here and I’d be more than willing to answer your questions later on :)