Littledog said 7 years ago:

Hello, I am a 17 year old guy, and I am in a confusing situation I guess. Every day, I keep dealing with the lack of feelings, or overload of feelings, depression and anxiety, and each day I keep wondering why I keep going, or what my reason is. I’ve dealt with this the past few years, it only recently becoming worse and affecting my everyday life. My situation, is that I would really like to have some form of help. I am currently not under any medication, nor have I ever been for mental disorders, and I am not going to any form of consistent therapy, I went to one appointment then missed the second and the reschedule isn’t until like next month. My parents aren’t really doing much to help, kind of like they are completely ignoring the issue, and I can’t make any appointments on my own, because I am still a minor. I guess this is kind of a rant, kind of I’m hoping for suggestions of what I should do. I’m really confused, and I apologize for this really long blurg of text.

sad smiley said 7 years ago:

I tbh have no idea what you could do, kinda have the same problem actually. But I’m not able at all to go to therapy or something. Hope you’re doing okay right now, just wanted to let you know you’re not alone in this :)

MandY said 7 years ago:

Well you can try online therapy here. But as a minor im not sure if any places would take you but i would research if there aent any hospitals near you who offer free mental health care for minors. In some places they do incase the parents are abusive not saying yours are but just look into that. But other than that talking to people who understand is a good step and im here if u need to vent or just talk out your emotions, therapists kinda do the same really lol