Deleted User said 6 years, 4 months ago:

I am obsessed to finding girls to talk to, so desperately. I spend like 10 hours each day trying to find girls online just to find someone who cares and loves me. I am ignoring eating, sports and sleeping due to this time consuming addiction and obsession of mine. Sometimes I am also just so horny that I am desperately looking for someone who could help me with that. Well those things doesn’t work for me, and doing them will only hurt me. I wouldn’t want to spend 10 hours a day in these things. Can someone help me? If you are girl and want to be my friend, PM me please or send friend request.

subliminallysublime said 6 years, 4 months ago:

I’m not telling you to fight your addiction, i think life is just a successive series of addictions, I just think there are better ways of understanding the desires of your soul in a better way than just mindlessly desiring. I don’t think you need to be a girl to understand whatever your addiction is. If anything a hetero male will be more understanding of what it is that you’re addicted to and what it is that is causing it.

Sadly people abuse this website for very predatory reasons and too many people think in gender binary modes.

I guess from one man to another, what I’m saying is the ask yourself more questions than “can someone help me?”.

I’m more than willing to help guide you through your questions and I want to understand you because every hetero male lonely as fuck person like you and me feels the same desires, I just tamp them down with some real heavy shit.

I’m glad you can accept yourself who you are but now is the tricky part. moving forward from this and not letting it override the person inside you that deserves to be loved. Send me a pm if you want to talk more but in any case, don’t feel guilty for giving in. I feel guilty for letting my addictions define who I am to alot of people and sometimes myself.