Kirstin Lopez said 6 years, 3 months ago:

Sometimes you are entirely too hard on yourself.

While it’s SO GOOD to have big goals in mind for yourself, to shoot for amazing things and to expect wonderful results….it is impossible to always have everything go exactly as you hoped, planned or worked for. Oftentimes, things go wrong, we don’t do as well as we wanted to, or we just reach our wit’s end and have a complete meltdown.

It isn’t just you. Some days are better than others. Some days we would rather just forget.

Hard days are sometimes life’s way of slowing us down and making us rest, or making us look for better ways to do things. It’s never productive to say mean things to yourself, to beat yourself up over what didn’t happen or what mistakes were made, or to tell yourself that you should or shouldn’t have done things the way you did.

What you CAN influence is the way that tomorrow goes.

So, decide today how you want to feel tomorrow, and decide that you will work to feel that way no matter what does or does not happen. Tomorrow is a new day and it can be a great one.

Give yourself a break and be SO KIND to yourself. You already know what you need to work on, so stop beating yourself over the head with it. Give yourself the kind of encouragement you would give to your best friend.

Be good to yourself, you deserve it…you are such a wonderful, amazing person.

You are loved