Thanks for your interest in becoming apart of our Therapist Community here on BlahTherapy. Your services are very much appreciated and we only hope to help you expand your business as well as helping the many on the site that require your expertise.

It’s important to understand that the Therapists portion of the website is handled by our partner LivePerson – We are affiliates. This means payment, applications, profiles, and tax information is all handled by them.

In order to provide your services, you would need to apply through the LivePerson website:
LivePerson Experts Application

Please register your profile under the Professional Counseling category and NO subcategory.

Information on Payment, taxes, and invoices:
Expert Frequently Asked Questions

Each application is carefully reviewed by LivePerson. All Therapists/Counselors are required to have an active professional counseling license in order to acquire approval. If you’re currently practicing outside of the states, registration with a recognized counseling organization is required.
BlahTherapy Member Accounts
If you are approved through LivePerson and also have an account on BlahTherapy, your account can be upgraded to “Therapist” status. This is so you can actively promote your services by being active in our community.

Features of this includes:

  • Any post made on the BlahTherapy Community would stand out more than others
  • A “Therapist” badge under your profile image
  • A “Start Chat”/”Send Email/Call Now” buttons to appear under your profile name.
  • A “verified” icon to appear on your profile page

This means, aside from your LivePerson Expert profile, you should also make a profile on the BlahTherapy community site so that we can enable these special features.

If you’ve been approved by LivePerson and would like to upgrade your BlahTherapy account, please Contact Us.