Someone I love is suicidal – Here’s what to do

Depression is described as erratic changes in mood, lack or decrease in interest in activities and hobbies and is definitely a severe emotional disorder that affects about 9.5% of the nation. Nevertheless, it may very well also be very fatal and lead toward suicide.

It is important to be aware of some signs a loved one may be exhibiting if they are considering suicide in result of depression.

Here are some warning signs to make note of:

1. The first is obvious mentions of death or suicide.

2. A want to give personal belongings away or tie up loose ends

3. Heavy engagement in reckless behavior, eg. drugs or heavy alcohol use.

4. Withdrawing from loved ones.. (family, friends… coworkers)

5.  erratic or anomalous mood swings.

6. saying goodbye inappropriately

7. Ambiguous or indirect verbal behavior, eg. saying things like they feel like wanting to go to sleep and never waking u, or “I’m kind of tired of living”…

Though signs of being suicidal varies from each person, it’s vital that you’re capable of recognizing these warnings and proceed to take steps toward helping your loved ones. (If you’re on a site like this, you’re already doing a great job!)

How to help your loved one who display signs of being suicidal

If you feel someone you love is considering suicide seek help immediately. There a number of suicide prevention hotlines and websites available to assist those who desperately need it. However, in the case that these methods aren’t within reach, you may want to try the following:

1. Create Physical Closeness : Simple kisses on the cheek once in a while, hugs, a loving pat, and compliments surely go a long way toward mending a depressed mind or broken heart. Important to realize, a times the little things surely DO count.

2.  Suicidal thoughts and behavior truly is a cry for help. Therefore should someone contemplating killing themselves turn to you, it’s probably because he or she feels that you’re more informed about dealing with depression, caring, and willing to help them out. This very action is truly a positive sign, thus is a time for you to empower yourself and try to become what that suicidal individual sees you as; which is a stronger person, because you ARE!

3. Should the individual be acutely suicidal, try not to leave them alone.

4. Try reassuring them that help is available and that with proper treatment, they can and will feel better. It won’t help to patronize them by saying things like “everything will be fine” Or, “you have sooo much to live for”.

5. Search the house for harmful products like guns, knives, or chemicals that they could use to harm themselves.

Together with the advice stated above, if you’re spiritually inclined, it wouldn’t hurt to pray according to your faith framework. Surely prayer when utilized effectively does work wonders towards aiding curtailing suicidal depression.

In the light of your beloved beginning to show signs of improvement away from indication warning signs of depression suicide, it would be beneficial to start including drug-free approaches to depression treatment like exercise, (eg. Yoga), a healthy diet that in turn can heal the mind, and thinking positively and affirmations.

We would all naturally become frightened or concerned should a loved one of ours seem on the brink of committing suicide as a result of depression, but with all of life’s problems, when we catch it ahead of time and cut it off at its source, suicide from depression as well can be prevented. Should things become more severe, then it may be ideal to seek help from a healthcare professional as an alternative to your efforts.

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