Would you date me based on my 21 Never Have I Evers?


I’m just doing this out of curiosity.
so…Never Have I Ever…
1) Been asked out on a date
2) Asked anyone out on a date
3) Had a serious relationship
4) Had sex with another person
5) Gone to a club with the hopes of leaving with somebody
6) Have someone like me back
7)Popped pills
8) Seen a penis in person
9) Made out with somebody
10) Smoked weed
11) tried drugs
12) Danced with a stranger
13) Given an interested stranger my number
14) Actually fully tried to flirt with somebody
15) Fully known if I were being hit on
16) Gone to California
17) Gotten into an altercation with somebody
18) Seen a full blown fist fight before
19) Gotten my eyebrow done
20) Stolen anything from a store before
21) Gotten high before

Category: asked March 18, 2014

4 Answers

Absolutely!I'd love to show you what the world is like.
16 is really the only one that's confusing to me. But yeah, I'd date you. There's nothing negative about that list. And if someone says so then maybe you need to look at your relationship with them. But if you want a romantic relationship, you'll need to step out of your shell a little bit.
y not?