Would any of you visit a psychic/visited a psychic?


Although I am skeptical of psychics, I really want to visit one for personal reasons. Have any of you guys visited a psychic and would any of you guys visit one?

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I visited one. I was being generally agreeable, and she told me that I'd find a nice man, I'd probably have 3 dogs, and that something would change in my future. As a cat person who likes girls, I was a bit disappointed.
Be careful of scam artists. Definitely do your research!!! However, I have visited one and so far she has been so right! Message me if ever want to talk about anything that's going on!
Yeah I will do think of that. Wow that's good :). And thank you yes, I will talk to you whenever need. xx
i have and I would. If you can find someone who is not just trying to reach into your pockets than it will work out pretty well. Consider looking into yourself for your future. I am a spiritualist and I know that your world is, for the most part, what you make it. Outsiders only have as much influence as you let them. Consider looking into yourself for your future. Tell yourself what you want and how you are going to get it.
I have been to a psychic and the results were surprisingly dead on. I can't say that for all people claiming to be psychic though, so please don't assume the psychic you see will be the same as mine. I went with my boyfriend two summers ago. It was our second month of dating and we were at a fair, so just being silly, we went in. She predicted out relationship, said the winter would bring doubts but the following spring would bring reassurance and progress. Boy was she right. We both doubted the relationship would continue that winter, but with effort and frequent boundary talks, we made it. Spring came around and we saw each other more and more. The free time we had, we took advantage and used it to see each other. Ever since, we've been super tight and really mentally close. It's like an invisible link. Without the psychic's prediction on that winter, I doubt we'd still be together. Because of her warning, we knew that if we didn't distance ourselves and we worked through it, we could do it. She was dead on, and I thank her for that. My advice? Go to the psychic, but remember that his/her reading possibly could be something you don't want to hear.
I have heard stories of friends who have gone to visit them. I wouldn't suggest it. Weather they are true are not we aren't meant to know the future or else we would spend our lives living to those moments. A friend of mine went and was told her husband would die at 30. He is nearing that age and she has become very paranoid about it. There is always that what if its real in our mind when we go and hear what they have to say. Its just creepy. But thats just my opinion and experience. :)
Even psychics who sincerely believe in their abilities are liars in their delusion. What they tell people is a mixture of cold reading, body language and guesses.

There is no such thing as magic, and psionic abilities are just magic by another term. We communicate with our bodies and the tools we make for that purpose, to believe otherwise is to hold on to childish wishes and delusions.