Worried about college


hello, im going to start my 2nd year of college this monday and after i enrolled 2 days ago i just have been overthinking/worrying about it.
i recently just transferred to this university so im partly worried about making friends and feeling lonely since ill be away from my parents (im quite a mamas girl)
im concerned about making friends,the school is dubbed to be pretty harsh when it comes to grades im really scared since i dont have a proper study habit (im one of those who passed high school by just ‘winging it’) i dont know if im smart enough to survive the next 3 years , and financial , the univeristy im in is quite expensive compared to the previous one i was in… mostly i overthink about failing and then wasting my parents’ money or sudden break from school because of financial problems.
how do you suggest i lessen my anxiety about these things? i usually overthink at night and my heart would beat so fast
btw im taking the course Psychology any tips to survive and graduate would be wonderful. thanks and have a nice day

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2 Answers

I would start with dealing with the thoughts, be they about finances, study habits, etc, and when they come, stop, let them happen, recognize them for what they are, stress, worry, or whatever and then let them go. Take a deep breath, think about the here and now, how you feel at the moment and how it feels to just take that breath. Concentrate on the air entering your lungs and then leaving. Keep concentrating on your breaths for at least ten full breaths, feeling the sensation of each lung full and each exhaled breath. Afterwards, go back to the task at hand and try to remain focused on what is going on around you, your school work, your interactions with others etc. Again, try to let those thoughts come and leave on their own without holding on to them.
It's normal to go through these kind of emotions in these kind of situations. Anyone would feel just as worried as you if in the same situation. 3 years is quite long, and also enough time to make changes. Use your reasons of financial and academical fears in order to motivate yourself. I believe you can get through it. You might have several times of downfall, but they aren't significant enough to impact your overall grade. What's important is to remember not to make the same mistakes. Chances are, there would be people who are like you as well and you wouldn't have too much of a problem making friends with them. Get good, supportive friends that would not take advantage of your financials.
As for tips in college (or well anything else really) I don't want to sound harsh, but if you don't do anything, nothing is going to change. You anxiety is coming from not know what's going to happen, so you fear the worst of happening. The worst would never happen if you do something that not only prevents it, but leads you to succeeding. Good luck, and I still believe you can get through the 3 years. You are just as capable of anyone else.