working through a creative slump


Hey guys, I’m currently going to college to get an associates degree in digital design and animation. I am constantly on my computer mixing and matching pictures and text in photoshop and illustrator. I’ve been working with various mediums of art since middle school, and since starting college I have just been in a massive creative slump. Nothing I make feels like its coming from me everything feels really generic and uninspired. I have tried just sketching and going out walking around my town and the parks for a change of scenery but nothing ia helping. How can I get out of this slump?

Tags: asked August 4, 2014

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@tigerrajah yea i hear ya on that one. im an artist too, and some times i just dont know what to paint and i just feel like a wall is blocking my thoughts. what i usually do, is express my emotions in what im making, in the past, when im alone, i just paint one inanimate object, when im happy i paint a forest with the sun blaring and shining every piece of foliage, when i have too much going on in my head i write as many words in different fonts and so on and so forth. i dont know thatll work for you or not, but thats what gets me through. some times its good to go to a place youve never gone to, an abandoned building, finding the beauty in the most of unlikely of places, maybe catching things in angles that you wouldnt normally take at,maybe take some one with you to explore a new place to see what interests them and take pictures of that. when you create something that you want to pour emotion, its always good to act on those emotions, always think in a different perspective, think out side of the box. probably hearing and knowing things youve already heard, but i hope at least one of these things will help you or inspire you. good luck!!
Hey! I'm just entering collage and our situation is almost the same. When I feel like I am having an art slump, I draw how I see myself... like if I'm feeling depressed, I'll draw a body that looks depressed.
Also, when I draw, I listen to music. My Ipod comes in handy when I'm working on art. I keep a photo album of people, pictures and shows that I saw on the internet or around that really interested me or made me feel some type of emotion.
While looking at those things I try to alter the pictures to my liking or sometimes I do my own drawing in that artist particular style. You can also mess around with different styles and different brushes. Art books are always great too! I loved this example that I read in a book once. "Draw ten circles and then try to change them into something within a minute." You can use that technique and pick your favorite circle and use that as a draft. It doesn't even have to be a circle, it can be any shape you want! Hope it was helpful!
Creative slumps happen. As an artist (like many of the others who have answered) I can understand your frustration. I've felt as though my muse just decided to take a spontaneous road trip. This happens a lot more when someone else is demanding artwork be it commissioned work or school work. For me the best way to find my inspiration is to try and get more in touch with myself. It sounds like you have been creating based on the parameters set by others, why not try to get more in touch with yourself? You could try looking at some older pieces that you are proud of, or taking a break to do something else you enjoy or indulge another skill or hobby. Maybe hang out with some old friends, anything that helps you find your center. If none of that works you could also try working in an alternative media to get the creative juices flowing. Sometimes we get so used to one media that we no longer feel the same rush when using it. Why not try something completely new? The most important thing is to try to relax, although creativity can be forced it is better not to. If all else fails take a break and come back to it later. P.S.If you feel comfortable with this it would be awesome to see some of your work in the Art group.