Work-related stress


I’m not happy with my work. Well, I’m not well compensated, I think all nurses in my country are though, and my work environment is not healthy. They do not understand me and some senior, I think, sees me as a threat as I do not conform with her implied personal standards which is mostly indulging in petty talks about lovelife, gossips, and shallow issues. I do not enjoy those things as I don’t think those nurture my mind with useful information. Also, my company does not care so much about its workers. I want to quit but I’m afraid I won’t have anything to fall back on as it’s very hard to find a job, especially one that’s related to my degree (I still want to practice) in my country. I just want to vent my frustration so.. Thank you.

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You are totally right to be uncomfortable with this. A job in 2014 should be enjoyable, embracing your skills, and compensated. Don't let this continue.
I would suggest talking to some of your coworkers, and explaining the situation to them. First, to see if you are the only 'underpaid' employee, but second, because everyone has a different career path and they might know people from their previous jobs and these contact points can be useful references to you.
Job seeking starts with a good professional network. Show you're interested by more. Talk to your managers and tell them you don't feel your work is enjoyable anymore. Make them know that you are looking for something else. Somebody up there must have feelings, and a long list of contacts in your field.
Just talk to people, they are 'human resources' after all.
Im new at my job. I dont know if you are. But i also feel stressed with some of my coworkers too because they do nothing but gossip, spread rumors about people and all those unproductive trash talk that they do. I also dont like doing that because it doesnt do anything and it doesnt cultivate the mind with fresh ideas. But in order for me to have a good working relatinship with them, i have to socialize with them.

One thing that helps me figure out what i would do is accepting the fact that im an introvert. Thus, im not the type to talk all the time unlike my coworkers. It's the one thing that im trying to establish so people will instill that in their minds. But i dont mean that i dont talk to them. I do talk to them and tell stories with them but only upto a certain point of time. When they start gossiping, then i make excuses to get out of their conversation. I dont think it's fair to the people they backstab to be backstabbed, i dont want to be a hypocrite.

Lastly, i always tell myself that i dont care what they think of me whether it's good or bad. As long as im doing my job right then im good. In conclusion, it's all about setting your priorities straight. If you go to work for work then stick to that idea. But if you go worrying about whether your coworkers will like or hate you, then that's a whole another priority.

I hope this makes sense.