With the arrows is up for agree and down for disagree?


Ok just to double check here.With the arrows and number we see on the left of a question submitted,what is this for?

Im thinking its for agreeing and dissagreeing,is that right!
Is hitting the up arrow showing you agree with the answer given? and down do not agree? Id like to make sure if im going to have the imput that I am doing it right lol.Not that it matter much.

Category: asked April 27, 2014

3 Answers

It's actually more to do with whether the answer is helpful or not - that's why you can do if for the actual question itself as well. Up for helpful, down for not helpful. (Also the green tick next to that is for accepting the answer as being helpful enough or giving you all the information or support you needed - you can only accept one answer, and whichever one is accepted gets moved to the top of the list - I guess so that everyone else can see it easily. You can change your accepted answer though, it's not a final choice type thing). :)
Thanks,,thought it was but read rules and this all works ages ago before I signed up. :-)
You understand it right. It is similar to like/dislike answers. But as explained below you can always change or cancel it from your account. And I believe the more likes the user gets the higher level he has on the forum. Though, I may be mistaken. And I would like to know a different thing. Do other users see in my profile my area code areaphonecodes.com/united-states/619? Who can check and tell me?