Will it come back at me?


I know I’ve talked about this a million times before but I’m just suddenly really panicky about this new thought:

Will dirty talking online come back at me some day? Like I’ve never sent pictures, or gone webcam (I would never) or shared a lot of info just once my first name and I ALWAYS fake my age and I say I’m from USA if that even helps..It all started with one guy, I made such a mistake in talking to him. Anyways, do you think some of those many (I’m such a slut) guys can find my Facebook and blackmail me and make my life a living hell because he knows my fantasies? I’m also really worried because all of those chats were DIFFERENT (kinky) from how normal teenagers dirty talk online, AND I FEEL LIKE THAT IS WORSE!? ..It’s been 3 months since I last did it and I’m not doing it again EVER, I think I did it for about 2-3 weeks.. But not everyday, but I hope it was less than 50 guys at least. It’s just so funny how on the outside I seem like an innocent teenager with future dreams and crushes, but I’m only that on the outside, while on the internet I have a naughty history that I can’t undo, and naughty stuff on my brain that I can’t earase. The only thought that comforts me is: At least I haven’t put up any pictures of my body. (I’m 13 by the way. Yeah. I know I’m horrible) I haven’t even had a boyfriend or my first kiss yet I was all active on the internet? Seriously.. I FUCKING HATE MYSELF FOR THIS! I KNOW SOME TEENAGERS IN MY COUNTRY ARE HAVING ONE NIGHT STANDS BUT I FEEL LIKE THIS IS WAYYYY WORSE. :( I feel like an indecent human being and I feel like I’ve fucked up all my careers, like this has been stamped in my records. Has anyone experienced with this and can anyone tell me what the chances are of one of the guys trying to blackmail me and threaten me? Thanks.

(PS Does anyone know how popular dirty talking is for teens or teenage girls? I need to know that I’m not the only one exploring my sexuality through online dirty talking :/…)

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You are not alone...there has been increase in the sexual talking on the internet. I think as long as you are discreet and not given too much information that someone would have a hardtime identifying you and "outing" you. My larger concern is lying about your age. An adult thinks he is talking to an 18 year old women sexually turns out it is a 13 year old girls he can (at least in the United States) go to prison for 10 or 20 YEARS. The judges don't care if he thought the female was 18 or even older. No man is allowed to talk sexually to a girl under 18. So, more than you exploring your sexuality, you can wreck a lot of lives and not even become aware of it. I think it is a good idea to stop until you know yourself better AND are sure you state your real age and are talking with a peer.
Okay, well the chances of one of those guys finding you is virtually impossible. The sites that allow you to talk anonymously have things that are used to prevent people from tracking your ip address. Also if you give them your first name and the wrong age no one will be able to find you on Facebook. You're perfectly okay and you don't have anything to worry about. Next, you are not the only teenage girl sexting online. Trust me I do it all the time, and it's extremely easy to find a girl willing to talk dirty with. I'm really busy right now so I'll shoot you a message and we will take more.
I'm such a fucking slut I really want to kill myself because of this.
Tim, so do you think I possibly have done something illegal :'(( ? And I always said I'm 16 or 15 but I'm a little scared because most of the guys were 17-19 ish but who knows I probably talked to a 30 year old or something!
You're safe! If you didn't share any pictures, information about where you live/your name, or skyped, it's fine. Lots of people do that online, it's not a big deal. Also, those guys are probably there online talking to multiple girls everyday, you were just another one, there's no reason for any of them to stalk you online. If there is any sign that you're being stalked, I think you should stop worrying. Please don't feel guilty about that, it's ok, trust me :)
You are not a slut, you were expressing yourself in a semi safe way that wouldn't put you in position to deal with more than you could handle. Its easier to log out of chat if you are uncomfortable than to extract yourself from a face to face situation.
This method allowed you to explore a bit while eliminating risks of disease, pregnancy, rape and several other dangers.
If it does make you feel bad then stop and get yourself back to a comfortable emotional place, the internet is really not as easy to get information from as you might think. T.v. shows make it seem way more dangerous and common than it actually is.
Don't shame yourself, there is nothing wrong with you, just take a breathe and stay safe.