Will i ever recover metally from this house fire?


Long story short we lost all of our family pictures and videos and important paperrs and stuff but mostly the pictures and videos is what concerns and bothers me the most. It’s really not a day that goes by that i dont try to think about them. Will i ever get thru this part of getting thru it? have you ever lost your stuff in a fire or a natural disaster, ect…? or know someones story similar to mines?

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hiya i have not been through this specifically but my partner was stabbed multiple times in a attack in my house, we had to move out quickly to avoid further implications as we pressed charges. My son was sent to his fathers whilst my partner was in hospital.. to cut a long story short .. my mother retrieved what she thought was best in the few days she had before the house was locked up by our local council. She did her best but missed my baby photos of my son. so now i only have about 3 photos of him when he was little. this was 14 years ago and although it is saddening that these precious images are lost they are forever burned into my eyes and memory all be it a bit fuzzy, so in answer to your question ..life goes on but we never forget those we love they may not be there for us to look at but our hearts never forget xx