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Will I ever get laid?


Title says it all. Even though having sex is my one goal in life it always seems to be ridiculously unobtainable. The only girl I ever dated was an asexual or whatever. Note that im unattractive, unpopular, and have no money. Will i ever get rid of this burden? Any tips?

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2 Answers

First you're gonna have to fix your mindset. Unattractiveness can be changed. You don't have to be popular at school to get the girls. You're gonna have to learn to pretend like you are someone who is confident about what they look like and what they say. Girls are a sucker for confidence in guys.....its irresistible. IRRESISTABLE. Fake it til you make it. Find a hobby that you enjoy and are good at. Let it make you happy and confident. Then try to find a girl with similar tastes. Join a club or something.
@marvelloustwig Well...really? That means i'm fucked...