Will I ever be able to date again?


Hey Friends. I have dated a girl who I dearly loved. She meant everything to me. She was a lot lot lot closer than anyone. I have never ever cheated on her. And I only want her. She was perfect too. She was very committed. And everything was smooth. But misunderstandings are inevitable. And these misunderstandings grew so deeply that now she doesn’t even want to look at my face. And, things have become so hash that even our families don’t want us to meet each other.
However, I still love her very much and I know she loves me too. Accidentally we met each other at the new year party and she got drunk and cried for 4 hours in my arms. When she came back in her senses, she blocked me everywhere. Even her friends won’t talk to me now.
The thing is I might even date someone else. But i’ll always be reminded of her. I’ll end up comparing every girl to her. I always wanted someone committed to me, someone who i can call mine, someone who i could share things with. Now i am alone, i dont have anyone.
Will i be able to date again?

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Let your feelings out. If you're sad, it's okay to cry, and to be honest, this might even help you feel better - it's a release. Once you get the worst of it out, start transitioning towards positivity. Just because one person doesn't want to be in a relationship doesn't mean no one else does. There are billions of people in this planet, some of which are looking for love the way you are. Things will get better.

There are many other people that will find you attractive in all forms, intellectually, physically, emotionally... harsh as it may seem, you need to accept it and move on (without being pessimistic) that they just weren't that into you, but there is someone out there that eventually will be.

So start focusing on something else. Enjoy the benefits of being single. Remember, true happiness in a relationship doesn't come from depending upon that relationship to give you happiness. It comes from finding happiness on your own and then finding someone to share it with. Achieve goals you've always wanted to. Learn a new language. Save up money to travel. Find a restaurant and vow to try everything on the menu by the end of the year. The possibilities are endless.

I know how much it hurts when you love someone and they don't love you back. I know that nothing hurts more than having to walk away from someone and know that no matter how slowly you leave, they won't come running after you. But life is so full of change and surprises. Let this change happen. Accept it. It is okay that you loved this woman, but now it is time for you to let her go. Do not dwell on the past that you can never return to and this loss of happiness; fight for new change and a new happiness.
time doesn't heal problems but it numbs them until people become a distant memory so yes you will get over this eventually but as for the qu. that will you ever be able to date someone else? Well that's up to you because sometimes when a person is in a bad relationship or many and it ends so badly that they emotionally change they harden to the point where they longer have trust for the world. They become different all relationships can have this problem so like what sylph said let it out don't dwell and let yourself heal. Talk to people if you need to and remember your not alone. Even when you are, were all in this together. Here we are complete strangers and yet I care. Throw yourself into creativity and inspiration or get a dog :) but mostly get better stay strong pony boy!!
I think you'll be okay. It hurts for now, but we all have that special someone we will compare EVERYONE to. Time heals most, and in this case time will heal you especially. Dating again means moving on, and that means moving away from her to a certain point. There is a fine line between replacement and comparison. DO NOT start dating to fill the void of her being gone, which I fear for you that is happening. IF you do decided to date, care for who you are with because they are them, and not because they are like the girl you miss. Take time for yourself, learn how to do something new or take up an old hobby. Happiness consists of the things we love and actually doing them. Take care of yourself.
Thank you guys. it surely means a lot to me. She was someone I would always look at. She was my best friend. I thought of marrying her as well. I was just too deep into her. Now everything has changed. I just want someone who can be mine, who I will love a lot. I have knowledge and money. I don't look that bad also and I am a very supporting person. All my friends know. Yet, I dont know why she left me. Hope i get someone who is meant to be mine
Hey, of course you will be able to date again...eventually. I am going through the exact same thing. I fell in love and then we broke up, not because we didn't want to be together but because it wouldn't have worked in our situation which it sounds like your situation. Anyway, take it from me do not force yourself to date to get over her, it doesn't work. I have tried dating several times and each time it just reminds me that I'm still in love with my ex simply because I'm not ready to move on. This then has left me feeling guilty because I've used the poor blokes in an attempt to force myself to move on. And yet I know I must move on so I will take some more time and refuse to date until I genuinely want to and I believe that one day (hopefully soon) I will want to date someone else. I get that you compare all other women to her because I do that. This is my first experience of heart break so I'm very prone to caving in to my emotions and just giving up and accepting I will never find anyone else. But I have many friends that have thought they had found the love of their life, it ends they take time to heal and they have found someone else whom they love even more. If they can do it why can't we.She is out there, looking for you too. Have faith in that!