will i be alone on christmas here..


are people on here planning to be doing big family christmas things..? ugh.. im having a shit time and know ill be on here tomorrow. my fam isnt doing a christmas this year except cards. any one else feel like their family is cursed on holidays? hah. no good comes from them for us.. ):

asked December 24, 2013

4 Answers

Holidays have a way of highlighting any and all family issues. Just be thankful they they are almost over if its bringing you this much stress.
well my parents are divorced and rather estranged from their respective sides of the family. I can't remember any Christmas were there has been more than either one or both of them. Maybe I'm lucky? You want what you don't have and don't want what you do. Merry Christmas from me though :)
im here!
Dont worry you arent the only one having a pretty bad Christmas...