Wife barely take care of baby.


There’s a lot but I’ll try to keep it short. For every 5 hours I spend with the bay, she pends 15 minutes. She doesn’t work and barely does any house work. She gets anxiety and thoughts when she has to watch her when I’m at school/work. I know she is just on fb or looking at make up online while the baby does something naughty, she blames me for giving the baby the bad genes. My daughter is pretty wild for a 19 month old. How can I get my wife to pay attention to our daughter without feeling like she is being judged by me? she takes it as an attack and yells at me for being a judgmental asshole.

Category: asked January 3, 2014

6 Answers

Your wife might be suffering from Postpartum depression, it is easy to slip into this type of depression without even being aware of it, after having a child. Maybe visit with her Doctor and get a referral to someone who can help her.
personally, I think your wife has either post partum depression or another serious mental disorder. I think you should let her feel safe that you want to stay with her, but that you want both of you to go to marriage counseling or some other form of therapy to resolve whatever may be putting the strain on your relationship. if nothing like that helps at all, then you may have no other choice than to leave her and take your child. if you fear that she may be neglecting the baby or abusing it, then you should never leave the child in that position. Bad parenting such as hers is what often leads to long term mental disorders or abusive relationships in their lives down the road. Children learn from their parents developmental social and parental skills, and your child being exposed to that kind of treatment in their early years will stick with them for the rest of their lives. Please seek professional help to resolve these issues. if you are looking for conformation that you need to find a professional to treat your wife, this is it.
Wow thanks for the quick response. forgot to mention that we can't afford any professional help and our closest relatives are a 6 hour drive away. I won't give up. Is there anyway I can tell if she has PPD?
honestly, its really tricky to tell exactly what kind of problem your wife has. If you have insurance, it would probably cover the bills for a psychiatrist. You would just have to accompany your wife to her primary care or other trusted doctor to get a referral.
Your problem is very critical.More than a father,moms are more concerned towards their babies.Busy moms who work outside have such problems as they hardly get time to spend with their kids.Being a mother she should realize the value of her family and her responsibilities.May be she is still childish so try to make her understand or tell her family to teach her these things.babyography
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