Why would I regret this?


So I plan on having sex with my friend and everyone keeps telling me that I’ll regret doing it with him since I’m not in a relationship with him and that I only have feelings for him that I keep private.

asked June 22, 2015

3 Answers

Having sex with a friend makes friends with benefits but having sexual realation my as well break the friendship . So think about it if its worth it .. why not be with him instend just having sex .. maybe you wouldnt regret in the motion but after your realation might change to the poin when you two wont talk as used to won't have the confidence ..
Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't, good luck. My best friend and I fool around, but we know what it is, just fun with a friend. Neither one of us is jealous when the other has another romantic partner.
Man why are you listening to somebody if you wann do something do it . You will regret it if you dont do it .