Why my loss of personality?


I’ve found that lately I’ve become a lot less of a people person. I used to be able to handle myself very well in a crowd – I was the definition of a people person – but now it all seems very awkward. I speak less and often don’t know what to do or say when I used to be the center of things because of my generally witty humor. I don’t know why, and it may just be a summer thing because I haven’t been around too many people. Also, I am illogically shy around older people and strangers, but not so much with people I know well and younger children. I’m just confused as to why I’m experiencing this lack of people skills and personality.

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May be you are going though a little bit of depression.Not clinical depression where you may need help,but just in a bit of a slum because you havnt been around others as much of late.
Or may be its a hormonal thing as we dont know your age or even if you are male or female.If you find this keeps on going and others feel something isnt right,then thats when you need to speak to your doctor so he knows how you are and records any thing that going on. Take care!
You know, I have a large urge to yell, "TWINS!" Because we're in the same situation. I only have two friends, and I never put myself out there. I always say these two friends are all I need, but I'm constantly noticing how lonely and untalkative I've become. I'd say maybe we both need to try and start talking a bit more! I don't think I'll be ready to sing in public anytime soon, but I know that it's small steps you have to take. Try asking a friend to go out somewhere with you, and see if you can't make more friends with them. Or, you might be able to open up and do more out-there things around them! I know I'm always a lot louder and more talkative around the two previously mentioned friends! If you'd like to talk anymore about it, I don't mind!
I agree with Anonymous above. You may have a little bit of depression. Depression isn't always just sadness, it manifests in a lot of different ways, and there are a lot of different types as well. Luckily today, depression awareness is through the roof and there are a million things designed to help you. Also, like Anonymous said, you should go speak with your regular doctor about what's going on and ask if it's a physical thing. Get some blood tests and answer some simple questions about your lifestyle like eating and sleeping. If that comes up clear, ask your doctor about being referred to a therapist/psychologist who could help also. I would advise you though to stay away from medication until you've tried everything else, or you feel as though you really need them. Medication can be tricky and the last thing you want is a dependency on them. Psychologists have a wide range of ways to help that you can try. I hope this help, I hope you feel better soon.
Thank you all for your input! You've given me some great advice.