Why must I be such a failure?


Seven months ago we had to break off a loving relationship due to religion. Its been seven months and yet I still find myself thinking about him everyday…I’m at my wits end. My family have met him and have rejected him so marriage is out of the question, yet that was the only way we could be together. I still see him around, and in public I can pretend I could not care less, but when I’m alone… I miss him. A lot. However I cannot disobey my parents or God by going behind their back and being with him. How do I deal with this? I feel like crap..

Category: asked May 23, 2014

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it sounds like you really loved him. time will heal everything. soon enough, you will meet a nice guy who meets your parents' standards as well as your own and you will forget all about this boy you're talking about.
It's very painful, I know. I've gone through almost the same thing. But you know what? You don't always need to figure out things now. I mean, go with the flow even if it's painful. You'll realize that God has something better in store for you, that's why you had to break up. Yes, I know that you want him. But pain demands to be felt. We just have to accept that sometimes, the person we want cannot be the one we end up with, even if we pray to the high heavens about it. I know it might sound crazy but maybe you need to pay attention to God. He is there for a reason, you know. If you latch onto Him, you will slowly begin to accept and let go. Let time and God heal your heart. Don't hesitate to message me if you want to talk. May God bless you :)
well that's a lot to take in. being friends with him is an option right, and if you talk to your parents you may be able to convince them. and on a personal note of mine, i dont really understand the whole disobeying god thing when your miserable. i mean yes, its a terrible thing to sin and whatnot, but if your worried about sex... then just dont have sex unless you convince your parents on the marriage thing. and i completely understand the whole "dont disobey your parents" thing, but if they know that your miserable with there decision isn't it kind of ridiculous to listen to them, i mean there you FAMILY, if they can purposefully make you miserable and know about it isn't that there sin?
Mat be if you just try to continue some kind of relationship still with him,just as friends,time may prove to his parents that you are good for him.
If you find this hurts to much as its not enough,then unfortunatly it may be better to just let him go altogether and try not to be in may places he is as it will be a constant reminder for you and make it worse.
Unfortunatly religion is importand in many ways to many people and it is often better to find some one with the same beliefs,and not just religious beliefs as it does make live easier when you have same ideas on things.Often too there are issues when comming from very different cultures and thats why some cultures and religions stick together.
It may seem odd to others ,but for them there is often less problems to deal with and to try and work though.
Good luck!