Why is it hard to trust her?


So my girlfriend of three months is on vacations in Dominican Republic. Thing is that she is having a lot of fun and she keeps sending snapchats of her posing with the locals and how much fun she’s having and how drunk she is. She’s with a friend. She also says stuff like “I wish you were here”.
Okay my problem is that I am having a hard time convincing myself that I trust her enough not to feel jealous or anything. I know cause if she was doing something wrong she would not send me pictures or anything. She sometimes even told me about other guys hitting on her and how she rejected them. But I just keep having that thought in the back of my head: “what if she is doing something cause she got too drunk or what?”. Like she would stop answering any messages after a certain point, which I understand cause she is on vacations.
My point is, how do I deal with this? I cant do nothing but trust her, I guess.

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3 Answers

It's true you can't do anything but take her word and trust her, hopefully she would respect you enough since you agreed to stay together throughout the three months of her on Holiday. Now that's a long time and hopefully she's just having a huge amount of fun without disrespecting your relationship, people are very capable of doing so, coming from personal experience I went to the dominican on holiday whilst my boyfriend was back in the city, and I literally had so much fun- the thought of "cheating" wasn't even an option. You just have to take her word, and hopefully you can encourage and be supportive of her, the more comfortable you feel doing that the more that thought in the back of your head will slowly fade away!
It's because you don't trust yourself enough. Want me to clarify?
Trust is very hard to earn. Does not matter whether its friends or more than friends. Trust is a hard thing to find, but can be taken away in 1 second....You say you are only together for 3 months? Which is understandable that you dont yet trust her.I myself am a difficult person, and you wont gain my trust very easy cause of past expierences i went through.I understand your feelings and i would have been in the same boat as you. But if she truly does love you, she wont cheat on you.It is wrong on her part to get drunk with a friend, taking snapshots with locals ect ect. I would be furious bout that if she was my girl. But i have learned to trust my girl and she only starts to trust me now after 2 years cause she never trusted herself.Its like PoetessLiz said.....do you trust yourself?? Cause of your past actions you might have done, it now has a role in what you feel and your scared she might do the same...