Why is it being a guy automatically gets me disconnected as a listener?


I try to avoid giving my gender away now as a listener as every time I answer that I’m a guy a venter will disconnect. Are we guys not capable of giving as good of advice as females can? I just don’t understand. :\ I only want to help.

Category: asked December 2, 2014

6 Answers

I've found that guy listeners are often the most sensitive and kind. Not sure why that happens to you /:
I find that people are less likely to disconnect over that question if I chat a bit, and show that I'm a friendly, open minded, and helpful person. I doubt any girl out there would want to talk about periods with me, and as for guys, I've only met actual creeps few times. I feel like usually it's relationship problems that girls feel like guys would be ignorant or creepy about. Either way, you shouldn't worry about it :P
weird. i wouldnt mind having a guy listener, if my problem didnt have to do with periods and stuff that guys dont usually know much about since they dont have to know anything about them. cause itd be pretty annoying having to give a lecture when you actually want help
Perhaps some venters find it easier to discuss their problems with a female, seeing that many still view females as the more empathetic gender. But don't worry too much buddy, you being here already means so much to people out there who need a listening ear! :-)
I guess it depends on the issue, but up to now I have been able to talk both to girls and boys about similar problems, and both had valuable inputs. I'm a male btw.
I mostly assume that I am talking to a male actually when I connect as a venter, and sometimes I don't know my listener's gender until an hour in the conversation (yeah I talk a lot).
Don't worry about it, people who think boys are not good listeners, or venters who are actually looking for a chat with a girl, are just a minority.
Keep doing what you do, it's very generous of you to take time to listen to people struggling, consider that people who turn away from you are simply missing out on valuable advice.
most guys just wanna talk to a girl and will disconnect from any other guy