Why Is Everyone A Jerk?


I’m annoyed, I’ve been talking to people and one person told me to go kill myself and the next said I was being dumb…. I’m annoyed at people!!! Why do they have to be jerks? Maybe they aren’t getting enough sleep and are cranky… at least that’s what I’m going with… what do you think? (story sharing is welcome!)

asked August 5, 2014

12 Answers

I think that no one has the right to make you feel worthless, not even yourself. Just keep that in mind and you'll know that you don't need to listen to what they say.
It's sad that such people exist in this world. They are this way often because they believe themselves to be righteous and others to not be as important. Or sometimes there are events in this past that greatly affected them (including their behaviors and minds) and are set on a goal they believe is morally justified. However, you cannot really do anything once the words are said because the damage is done. It doesn't change anything to react badly to them. You dislike them for doing such actions, however doing the same actions to them also proves you to be just like them (Pretty paradoxical..). Just like Jonathan said, their purpose is to upset you, don't let them do that to you. Words only have power over you if you let them.
Because they are clearly passive aggressive with their own issues, and feel the need to take it out on others -gives them some sort of sense of self importance. There is a word for these people -Trolls. Sad, unhappy, keyboard warriors.
they are on their period.
Not everyone is a jerk! There are far too many in this world for you to be concerned over them. Calling them jerks is very polite and very mild. Anyone who tells another person to go kill themselves...needs help, and a life. People pick on others to feel better about themselves. It's petty and disgusting. Keep fighting, stay strong!
Sadly it seems you've been talking with some not so nice people.
Because they're jealous of your inner beauty <3
Those are trolls. They come into the chat service for the purpose of upsetting people. report them and move on. They are looking to get this kind of reaction out of people. Deny them that and they will leave.
Haters are going to hate. People that have hate and ugly inside will let that flow onto others. Try to ignore these idiots that tear you down. Find encouraging things to listen to, and do, and remember there will always be those people that hate on others because they want them to feel as bad as they do. Don't let them bring you down! Good luck
When you hear things like, "go kill yourself" or "dumb." It simply means that they have lost the patience to help you. You have brought a situation that has challenged them thus revealing their true nature. You can also use this as a way of determining who can actually be your real friends from not.

Don't let this discourage you. There are plenty more people out there who will listen to your challenges, consider this a discovery. You have just learned how to identify jerks by challenging them and you also learn how conceited people can be in thinking that they are good listeners.

Pity those who lack the patience to help you but are too full of themselves to even realize it.
Most of the time "jerks" are people who aren't capable of dealing with their own issues, with them self, so they take it out on the "weak" and sometimes whom they consider being responsible for why their life is the way it is, or simply because they need someone to take it out on, because they're to busy living in denial and that's the only way they can deal with it.

Sometimes, it's really no explanation, other than wanting to rile people up, possibly in an attempt to make someone feel like them, or worse. After all, misery do loves company.

My response to that, is to report them. Don't sink down to their level by insulting them back or try to argue with them, it's what they want. The worst thing you can do to them, is simply to ignore them. Move on, and find other's who are genuinely wanting to help, it's not worth spending time fretting over. Don't let ignorant people affect your life.
Sad and cruel people exist in the world all the time.Do not let yourself feel down about what they say because its really not worth it.