Why dosen’t anyone ever feel happy for me?


I’m so tired of it like..
I told my friends that I’m finally gonna get therapy after months of waiting and they’re like:
“Good for you.”
I feel like they don’t care!
And If I’m depressed about something they’re like:
“Sucks for you.”
-.- I bet if I have a baby in the future they’ll be like:

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I think people, when they're in their own comfortable bubble, like to stay away from sharp objects. The sharp thing here is your therapy and underlying problems. If they feel awkward around it, they will say things like 'cool' and 'awesome' and they may really mean it, but they may be scared that you will ask them for help and that they won't know what to do. That being said, your mom may be doing the same thing for the same reason. She may want to support her girl, only to realise that her little gir grew up, and kissing the booboo isn't enough. I think you should just look over it, maybe talk to them and tell them you'd like a little more support. Be open and honest with them. That way, if they support you, or tell you why they aren't, you'll know that they DO care, and if they say they really don't care, at least you'll know they aren't true friends. All the best etc.
It goes into words not always being able to express as much as it should. I'm sure they are happy for you! They don't know what to say. I mean, it would be great if they had more encouraging words, but some people don't always know how to express their feelings about something so touchy as depression or therapy. Like, there are some people who when you tell them you're depressed they freak out and shut down and give you vague, short answers. Or they might answer in a way that may offend you. If it really bothers you, talk to them. It's not like they don't care--especially your mom, I'm sure she cares a lot about it. If that doesn't help, just know that I care. I'm glad you're trying to get help. It's really awesome! :) (I apologize, talking through chats and other electronic means is pretty hard to express your voice, but the words I say are genuine. In fact, I think you're very brave for going to therapy) I hope that my answer helps a little bit with the whole situation.---It's basically what justASpeck said, but I just wanted to elaborate because I've been on both sides of the equation.
Ahh, my friends are like that as well. If I'm upset, I usually get "that's not good" from them. Yes it does make you feel that they just don't care, but some people just do not know how to express their feelings or emotions. Some people could care A LOT and just not know what to say or express how they feel. Or, maybe they don't really understand it. If you truly feel like they don't care, don't be afraid to bring it up to them and let them know it bothers you. Best of luck, if you ever want to talk, message me! I completely understand the feeling. :)
well we live in world were even courtesy died, people have less communication skills and copping with other people, so find someone who care and there is always a good people around you, but you need to search and happiness is always a matter of thinking so it's your action don't get upset if people don't care just be happy by thinking of being happy fill yourself of happy though such people and these thought will kill your happiness and build a wall hard to happiness to reach you from.
I understand how you feel. One worded comments like "sorry" or a simple phrase like "sucks for you" is a far cry from empathy and conveys the exact opposite. Some people are just selfish like that. They don't want someone else's feelings to ruin their good vibes or they simply have never had their heart broken or gone through any real struggle enough in order to relate to what you are experiencing. At the very least, I believe they should try and WOULD try if they truly cared. Perhaps some of them do. I don't know all of them. I am just commenting on what some of the comments express (in my opinion). I don't think you're impressions are invalid. All that to say - I feel your frustration.