Why dont people understand me ……..


This website is the only place where I can be me , not worry about how I look , not worry about being judged . I have a YouTube account and only two people knew about it in my school. One person told it to someone and it spread around . Now I don’t post on it because if I say something people will judge me , I’ve already been called stupid because of it .

On here people don’t care how you look or what you say , they help you . I just wish those people were with me now .

I’ve been experiencing anxiety for the past year and a half . I only told one person in February and I regret it . She was my old friend . She hasn’t told anyone but it’s that she just doesn’t understand what I say , I try to tell her what I feel and she just doesn’t understand , she doesn’t even try to . I have other friends but they arnt serious .
I can’t tell my parents , it’s to hard .

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hello there :) ..most of us ask this question to ourselves that why is he/she not understanding me.This happens to all of us at some point of time.I believe that you should really stop getting so nervous about yourself first of all. You are a human too like all of us over here and you are no less than anyone.We all are equally blessed with equal abilities so there is no need for you to feel inferior or anxious about anything.First thing you need is a heavy dosage of self confidence which you have to get from your mind and heart. Whenever you feel down and low tell yourself that i am stronger than my anxiety and all my worries and i can beat them.See you do not have to bother about what people tell you. See its their job to say something right,so if you listen to them then its your fault.If some one tells you that you are not worth doing this or that task and if you believe them then you are really doubting your own inner potential which is completely wrong.Do not consider yourself as so weak please since if you trust in the power of your soul and your mind there is nothing which is impossible for you i believe. All the great people at start were called stupid for what they were doing but they did not listen to people telling them anything.So you do not have to listen to anyone calling you stupid or anything.Before you want anyone else to understand you,you gotta understand and believe in yourself that you will accomplish any task you set your mind at.So be strong and do not worry :)..we are always there to help :)
Well, the reason most people dont understand you is probably because they've never felt it and/or had relatives who had it, making them oblivious to how you feel,